Thursday, December 31, 2009

Notes from Nathan: Reinvention MMX

hursday, December 31st, New Year's Eve 2009.  Alas the year has come to a close and good riddance!  I am ready to leave the past behind me as much as I can.  I am glad that 2009 is complete.  I learned alot about myself and the people around me in 2009.  I learned a very valuable lesson in patience.  I learned how become a better leader and I learned how to let go.

As with every new year, many of us set goals to GROW.  I too have chosen to take on growth by expanding my coaching practice to artist development.  Introducing NE:AD...

Through NE:AD, I will help to shape the careers of up and coming talent.   My years of experience with marketing, promotions, graphic design, video editing and leadership will allow me to guide the success of our future's new wave of entertainers and leaders.  If you know of any writers, dancers, actors, models and singers, please tell them to contact me at

It is our goal at The Future Forward to not only bring you original programming and articles, but to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to design.   We hope you like the sleek and sophisticated NEW look.  We believe in paving the way for others to follow.  Keep your eyes on us this year, we will be making a few major announcements in the months to come.  In the meantime, check out the new look for our hit show Dating Dwight.

Stay tuned,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Holiday Moments with Cornelius"

HOLIDAY Hallmark Moments

with Cornelius:  Pt. 3

Friends are Love
 and Friendships are one in a dozen
very few and uncommon 
A needle in a Haystack
hard to find

Friends are Golden
and Friendships are Precious Relationships no price tag attached
Friendships are sacred unions
all faiths can agree on this

A chemistry that  just happens naturally.
Something you don't have to fight for.
It's not forced at all.
A relationship of honesty and trust. 
A communication you have that 
at times can go unspoken
because you know each other so well.
You love each other.
And Friends are Love.

I found that Friendship in you My Friend
and I'm never letting it Go.

Happy Holidays My Dearest Friend.
-Cornelius Jones Jr.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ReMix Tuesday with Lil Mogul November 2009

The MEGA World of Lil Mogul
by Lil Mogul

This is my last Remix TUESDAY in December of 2009. On Tuesday, November 10 The MEGA World of Lil Mogul discussed Brands more than ever need Face-to-Face connection with customers.

We live in the most hyper-connected time in the country's history; and yet we exist in a constant state of disconnection. While Apple, BlackBerry, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace,, Fresh Direct, and Amazon are well-designed, convenient and address specific needs and for the most part work well; they are also responsible for the undeniable in-personal interactions we used to take for granted during the course of a regular day.

I live in Harlem and I'm always amused by watching teens walking down the street with their friends while texting and talking on their cell phones rather than with each other! How is this younger demographic, armed to the teeth with all the technologically advanced connectivity tools, going to cope and interact as responsible adults? Poorly, I contend. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace? -- "Social" networks that do not require you to engage in any kind of human socialization. Apple? -- Creators of the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and iTouch. I do not think it too crazy to say that we are in the midst of a dreadful away of human interaction that could seriously impact people's ability to truly "connect" with one another.

We've already seen the emergence of dieting coaches, dating coaches, life coaches. Now, people will pay many thousands of dollars to attend "Unplugged Retreats." Eventually, the pendulum will swing the other way, back toward more personal/human connections. And the brands that get that will be winners. I believe the brands that do not emphasize ultra-modern design, trendy badge value or blow-your-mind technological innovation as their core vision -- but rather emphasize the value of person-to-person, real live human interaction -- are the ones that will ascend and maintain leadership positions in the long run.

This trend may already be happening. One company that is already starting to apply that thinking is Macy’s. Macy's "Come Together" cause-marketing campaign scores points for teaming up with Feed America to provide 10 million meals for local food banks. With the tagline "The Great American Dinner Party," the retailer is encouraging people across the country to participate by having some friends over for a dinner party/fundraiser -- and just simply enjoy each other's company.

Macy's will match the contributions raised by each party. Television commercials for the campaign feature celebs such as Martha Stewart, Usher, Jessica Simpson, Tommy Hilfiger, Donald Trump, and Queen Latifah enjoying their own dinner party after hours inside Macy's Herald Square.

Old School? Yes!!! But in this day and age, also kind of revolutionary.

So in 2010... I will meet you at the playground.

Lil Mogul... Face-to-Face

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 from Lil Mogul


August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Paparazzi "Come Celebrate your inner TABLOID"

Baby you will be famous,
chase you down until you love me papa- PAPARAZZI.
“Celebrate your inner TABLOID”
DURING the Birthday Experience of 2010’s new “IT BOY” DWIGHT ALLEN O’NEAL of Christopher Street TV AND the HOT web-series DATING DWIGHT!


New York, NY (DECEMBER 28, 2009) – Royalty Media Group, Toonzworld Management, and Off the Clock Productions today announced that client/producer Dwight Allen O’Neal will be celebrating his 25th birthday during his 26th at the posh Grace Hotel, 125 West 45th Street, on January 9, 2010 at 7 p.m.

“2009 started off at a rocky start for me and I missed my 25th birthday, so why not celebrate it the same year that I celebrate 10 yrs being in the entertainment industry,” said “new it boy” Dwight Allen O’Neal. “I am just really excited that I have so many partners to celebrate my achievements, success, and my birthday with, it has been my goal to give young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questionable youth someone to aspire to be great like and that is what PAPARAZZI represents."

Paparazzi will be premièring the hot new provocative designs of celebrity loved Nico and Adrian’s underwear collection, along with the Atlanta breed underwear line THE-TEE, by Lee Gregory. The underwear captures the pure masculinity and sexual essence that not even David LaChapelle, Italian Vogue, Flaunt, GQ, Nick Cannon, or Paris Hilton could resist being fans of. The infamous red carpet will be sponsored by The FUTURE and hosted by online tabloid blogger SKORPION of The Skorpion Show, who rants, raves and gives comments on pop culture that has been featured on 20/20, TMZ, Concrete Loop, and urban favorite

This 26 YEAR celebration has already confirmed the Who’ Who of the LGBTQ community and their many allies ranging from musicians, political representatives, and entertainers, to just give a taste; popular girl boy duo and Dwight’s favorite, Likwuid and Raydar of Rebel Starr will be providing the hottest music for the night and The Beautiful Boyz of Pride World Podcast will be providing live coverage from the event. Be sure to strike your sexiest pose and bring your cameras for the FLICK FLICK, because there’s no other SUPERSTAR, you know that I will be your papa-PAPARAZZI.

Event Sponsors:
Royalty Media Group, Toonzworld Management, Titanic Hips by Saajidas Entertainment, The Beautiful Boyz of Pride World Podcast, Flowers by Rene Paul Bentine of Couture Fleur, House Digital Media, The FUTURE, Off the Clock Productions, Meak Productions, Nico and Adrian, The-TEE, Christopher Street TV, and Dating Dwight

About Dwight Allen O’Neal
Dwight Allen O’Neal began his career as a successful model working with clients such as Calvin Klein, Rolling Stone Magazine, Mosiah Clothing Company and many others…But this wasn’t enough for Dwight. Being educated at “The American Musical and Dramatic Academy,” has allowed him to buff his performing talents to near perfection and gave him tools for stardom. Working as a professional entertainer as “Allen O’Neal,” the it boy has been seen on the big screen in “Hitch,” “Comedy Central,” several commercials, modeling campaigns, and much more. When he began writing an advice column in “Teen People Magazine,” it opened his eyes to his ability to assist adolescents with issues they face. After completing this opportunity, O’Neal decided that he would take on the challenge of mentoring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questionable adolescents through writing, creating, and producing Christopher Street. Recently O’Neal has become the make-up artist for “Gossip Girl’s” Leighton Meester, online correspondent for “We Are The Media”, creator, producer, and host of “Dating Dwight”, and has become a celebrity correspondent who dishes newsworthy information at The FUTURE, in a column called “Dishin’ It with Dwight”. Through Christopher Street O’Neal was also recently nominated for six Velocity Awards, one which included “Best Television Series.”

# # #

Mr. O’Neal’s Management:
Elayne Rivers

Media/Event Information:

Does It Take a Whole Gay Village to Raise Our Own Youth

It takes a whole village to raise a child is an old African Proverb that I would love to see reflected upon all youth. Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas I was perceived as a young heterosexual man for my entire time living there and it was a lie that I was living, I had known since I was a little boy that I was different and that I felt an attraction toward other boys; however I did not want to be rejected from the village that I was being raised in. In our society we actually teach our children that it is not okay to be different without even realizing it, youth everyday are denying who they are just to fit in. Where is the village that is there to raise our young LGBT youth, since they are being forced out of this other village that society has created?

Earlier this year I heard two horrifying stories about two little boys who took their own lives because their classmates where bullying them because they thought they were gay and I was deeply hurt, because I felt like I was letting down my own. Although I did not personally know either one of these children I saw so much of a young Dwight in them and that was a connection I could not let go of. As I sat on my couch watching Oprah the tears began to run down my face and I revisited the memories I had of children teasing me and the many prayers that I sent up to God asking him to make me normal, this village that I was being raised in had brainwashed me into thinking that there was something wrong with me and that I would go to Hell for me being the way that I am. In my adult life I want to be that support system that teaches youth through my example that it is okay for you to be different, it is okay that you may not want to play sports with the other boys or with baby dolls with the other girls, God created each of us all differently.

As a young person it is very important to see role models that you admire, so that they can aspire to be great, it was not to long ago that some of the first black shows reached television and people of color old and young were very excited to see themselves on TV. One show in particular that comes to mind was The Cosby Show that showcased a very successful African American family that reflected the African American community positively, as a young black boy that meant a lot to me and I wanted to be just as successful; however I began to get sad as I struggled with my sexuality and had no one to see in a positive light to help me with those difficult feelings, questions, or curiosities. This is why I have put so much effort in my own work, such as my series targeted at young LGBT Christopher Street (which has been tagged as a gay 90210), my reality dating show Dating Dwight (which shows that gay men do more than just have sex), and my blog Dishin’ It with Dwight (which highlights different topics from entertainment, fashion, and self empowerment topics) powered by The Future I have put so much effort in all of these works to create positive images of gay men of color, so our youth can see themselves in the media doing great things. I want to be their gay Michael Jordan, Madonna, or Beyonce’ I want gay youth of all colors to look at me and say if Dwight Allen O’Neal can do it, so can I.

The catch phrase for my series Christopher Street is “How many people does it take to hold a street together.” By saying that we are recreating the old African Proverb and urging the LGBT community to come together and mold our youth, because our mainstream community many times fail them and if they do fail them we should be there to help our own and offer them love, support, and most importantly acceptance.

Our Gay Melrose Place is Christopher Street!

Christopher Street is in the heart of the West Village or as many people know it as Greenwich Village. In the village you can have quite an experience you can witness all types of men, women, a few children, young, old, big, or small, and not to mention gay. Yes gay, The Village is a Gay Capitol of the world, in fact in this particular neighborhood you can shop, eat, and explore nothing but gayness. That’s why Christopher Street chooses to hang out there, no not the street name, but the person… Christopher Dewayne Street, however his friends call him Chris for short.
Christopher Street is originally from Memphis Tennessee, but now he resides in the Big Apple where he is learning new and exciting things everyday. With Chris you can expect anything he is fashion forward and fashionably dysfunctional, he might be a boy today and a full grown woman on tomorrow; you either love him, hate him, or both. Within his friend circle you meet the loyal wife Jharemy, the cry baby Ashton, and the diva of all times Miss Shawn.

Through the lives of Chris and his diverse group of friends we see the challenges that four young gay men face while being young gay minorities. Each character has their own individual struggle that affects their lives within their friend circle and the world. These young men deal with troubles that range from relationship issues, sexual identity, self-love, abuse, HIV/AIDS, and acceptance not only from the world, but from themselves. Chris, Jharemy, Ashton, and Shawn are bridging the gap of lacked knowledge by enlightening the world with the truth of being a young gay adult.

Inspired by shows such as "Beverly Hills 90210", "Melrose Place", and "Dawsons Creek", this drama aims to fit in the growing genre of teen shows, yet provide outstanding knowledge that will influence young people positively. This comedic drama is appealing to the 16-35 year old demographic, however anyone can satisfy anyone who wants an entertainment experience. With Christopher Street everyone will see why the streets are talking.

Watch Christopher Street, The Series Trailer in Entertainment View More Free Videos Online at

If you like Christopher Street and want to see more of it you can make a donation to help assist in the completion of our next episode. For all donations of $30 and more please email our Executive Producer at to recieve a free DVD and autographed poster!!! Thank you. Dwight is also currently speaking to potential investors to further contribute to the completion of the project, we must help our young LGBT and Christopher Street is the answer.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Real Open Talk For Life with WJC

The BF Circle…

By: Rev. W. Jeffrey Campbell, Houston, TX

Some time ago I realized that God had given me the ability to enter into and maintain healthy friendships over a period of years. I have a circle of best friends that I have had for many years. They are male. They are female. They are same-gender loving. They are heterosexual. They are ministers. They are singers. There’s a banker. There’s an attorney. They are younger. They are older. They are married. They are partnered. They are single. They are parents. They are MY BF Circle.

Lisa is the best friend who has been around the longest. We have been best friends for 30 years, since I was 13. We have been drunk and high together….yes, drunk and high. There is a difference. We have done some ridiculously silly things together. We have laughed about some incidents that no one else could find funny. We have experienced the death of grandparents and parents together. And, of course, we hold some very dear secrets about each other. Thirty years of memories in an unlocked treasure chest waiting for many more to be added.

Travis and I have been friends since our days in college. Our friendship moved into best friend level when we came out to each other years after college. We too have many insane memories and have walked with each other through our individual storms. We both have struggled within ourselves in regards to our sexuality. I remember one time when I was in Atlanta where he lives visiting my then boyfriend. I called him and he chastised me for being there with another man. “You know God ain’t pleased with that mess.” I am so excited to say that Travis has met a man who he adores and I believe this baby’s breath that I have been growing in my back yard is finally going to be put to some good use. The ha-ha in this is that his boyfriend’s name is Jeff. He is light-skinned and bald just like me. I joke with Travis and tell him that he has settled for the other Jeff because he can’t have me. He simply replies, “Girl please!”

There are so many more stories that I could tell you about the wonderful people who make up the BF Circle. With every similarity there is a difference. We every few happy stories there comes a story that will bring tears to your eyes. And, I wouldn’t trade any of those moments for the world.

Last night I went to a holiday party hosted by one of the members of my BF Circle. There were 10 of use there with several of the group being a part of the BF Circle. We key-keyed about our past and either celebrated or lamented our present. But, we all hoped for a better future. There was a ridiculous game that we played that called for one player on the team to hold a plunger between his legs and try to stick it into the hole of a roll of toilet paper that was being held between the legs of his other teammates, without the use of either player’s hands. If you have a vivid imagination or if you have played this game before then the picture in your mind looks like two grown men standing in the middle of the floor simulating sex! It was fun!!!!! LOL! Then there was Golden Girls Trivia…just so gay! At some point we agreed to never tell anyone that we have watched the Girls enough time to know all of the answers to those trivia questions: How many different actors played Big Daddy? What actor played two different rolls on the show? What was the name of Dorothy’s friend who revealed she was a lesbian and had a crush on Rose. What was the name of the gay housekeeper in the pilot show? Okay, okay…we will invite you to the next gathering! LOL

Yes, to be able to say you have friends is a blessing. Everyone does not have that testimony. Some folks wish to be able to hear the voice of a friend on the other end of the phone. Some hope for the day when they can sit at a table until sunrise and share their stories with a BF Circle. There are some who don’t know who they will call if an emergency situation arises in their lives. I can say that I get calls and make calls daily to at least two of the BF Circle. I have sat up until sunrise and exchanged life stories with the BF Circle. And, after I call God, I know who to call next when trouble attempts to overcome me.

As I am celebrating the birth of Christ during this season I am also celebrating the gift of friendship. I am singing “Joy to the World”! I am singing “O Come, O Come Emanuel”! I am singing “O Holy Night”! But, I am also singing “You are My Friend”! That’s What Friends are For” And, I am singing “I Need You to Survive”! I sing not just because I’m happy and free. I sing because I have friends to celebrate not only this season with me but, friends who will celebrate life’s entire journey with me.

Join me and let’s celebrate the gift of friendship. If you do not have quality friends in your life, I encourage you to pray and ask God for these precious gifts and then begin to open yourself up and show yourself friendly. There is a friend that has been created just for you.

Until next week…ROTFL with WJC!

Please contact me at for further discussion.




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