Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Madonna's New Single 'Girls Gone Wild"

Travel is BIG Business

Vacations benefit everyone. Whether they’re modern-day Marco Polo trips traversing thousands of miles through unfamiliar lands, business people meeting face-to-face with important partners, or weekenders escaping to a lakeside or coastal retreats, travel reduces stress and enhances relationships. By seeing how others live, travel can open our minds, teach us how to adapt and help us understand the ways of the world. In short, travel makes us better people.

But travel is also good for businesses and governments dependent on visitor spending. Travel/tourism is one of America’s largest industries and biggest employers, according to the U.S. Travel Association (USTA). In today’s economy, people can really make a difference by doing something as simple as taking a vacation. Not only will they prioritize time for themselves and the people they care about, they’ll also contribute to job creation and the economic well-being of the places they visit.

What could be more meaningful than helping the U.S. economy? Thinking beyond the front desk, the pool and Twitter, see yourself as an economic driver, not only a traveler marketer. It’s a powerful concept.

And the winner is... Octavia Spencer for the HELP

Best Actress winner and “The Help” star Octavia Spencer is in love with her little golden guy.

“I think he and I are gonna get married!” an ecstatic Octavia told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson on Sunday night at the Governor’s Ball following her big win.

“I don’t even know I don’t know what I said, that’s what I’m worried about,” the actress said of her emotional acceptance speech.

“Actually, you said ‘Thank you world,’” Shaun reminded the star.

“Did I say, ‘Thank you world? I said, ‘Thank you world?’” she said with a laugh. “Thank you world!”

In addition to her love for her new golden statue, Octavia explained that she’s really enjoyed all the other non-golden men who helped shower her with awards over the past few weeks.

“I’ve gotten awards from Christian Bale, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, Owen Wilson — I mean, it doesn’t get [better!],” she said.

And what does she plan on doing with her statue – something she affectionately refers to as “the hottest guy in the room” – when she gets home?

“I am going to never let this guy out of my sight for the next 48 hours,” she explained. “I’m gonna redecorate my house, so I can put him right smack dab in the middle of something.”

Octavia explained to Shaun that she’s honored to now have “Oscar winner” come before her name.

“I have to live up to it,” she said with a smile. “I have to live up to it.”

Also on Sunday night at the Governor’s Ball, Shaun spoke to Octavia’s “The Help” co-star, Viola Davis, who was overjoyed for her friend’s win.

“I just so proud. It means so much to Octavia,” Viola told Shun. “It’s like she said last year at this time, she didn’t know where her next job was coming, and now this. It’s just speaks to just how magical this business can be.”

Community Board 3: Follow the Money: Leveraging Public Resources to Grow Your Business

Community Board 3

Economic Development Committee


Follow the Money

Leveraging Public Resources

to Grow Your Business & Have Record Sales

a MWBE Certification &

2012 Growth Strategies Workshop

Sample Topics:

1. Overview by Certifying Agencies

2. Differences & Commonalities in Opportunities & Services

3. High Growth Industries for 2012. What are they purchasing and why?

4. You Already Paid For: Free Public Resources & Fast Track Options to Grow Your Business (i.e. legal,training, accounting, etc.)

5. Advice from MWBE Businesses, a moderated Panel featuring successful local businesses from BedStuy and greater Brooklyn

6. Insider Tips on Following the Money: Identifying Contracting & Subcontracting Opportunities, Partnerships & Synergies

7. Ready, Set, Go: Synergy Match-up Session & 1-on-1 Mentoring

All business types are encouraged to attend: Concept, Start-up, Established

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Your Secret? C. R. Knight

Dear Diary:

Sometimes I wonder why I even sit still long enough to tell you anything.  I was so pissed at myself for reading 58 pages from a diary from 2001.   My life was a f&cking mess back then.  My third grade English teacher was the one who insisted that we all keep a journal.  I did for a while back then, but I got bored.

The secrets I write on these pages are wicked.  Everybody has something that they don't want others to know.  We have all done something that we are ashamed of or embarrassed to share.  Without saying any names, I've decided to come clean...  Back in 2001, I went away on a weekend trip with a very close friend's boyfriend.  Back then, I came up with every reason why it was okay, but I knew the entire time that it was wrong.  He lured me to Las Vegas with a first class plane ticket and a chauffeured Town Car.  I was young.  Youngins love that crap and older men know it.  I will never forget getting away with that.

I've decided to ship the rest of my diaries to my mother because I seriously want to bury some of those deep dark secrets.  It's time for new discoveries.

Good Knight.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grief-less: Death of an ICON

All the buzz this week has been about the death of music icon Whitney Houston.  As with most deaths, I was unaffected causing me to wonder about my own humanity. While it's true that we lost a major voice in the music industry, I continue to ask myself, why is it that I have such a hard time expressing grief.

I grew up on Whitney Houston, listened to many many of her songs and loved her music videos, but I didn't know her.  I only knew what the tabloids said about her. They talked about the way she dressed, they talked about her weight, they talked about her relationship choices, they talked about everything.

As I continue on my path to becoming a best selling author, I often times ask myself would I even be ready for the level of success where everything is scrutinized.  I know they are still searching for the hows and whats surrounding her departure from us, but let's take a moment to ask ourselves if we as a nation fed into her demise.

When there was a new article about her and her relationship with Bobby Brown, who's side were you on?  When allegations of her drug use reached the surface, were you quick to believe that she was doing crack or did you try to reach out to her to offer assistance.

Celebrities have challenging lives, they have to live up to so much and one has to wonder, is it even worth it?  Also, ask yourself this, when the reports do come out as the cause of death, what will you do?  Tweet about it? Talk about how sad it is? Or will you take a look at your own demons and do something about them before it's too late?

Today, I shed a tear for the dearly departed Whitney Houston, may she rest in peace.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unprotected Sex Should Never Be A Fantasy For Porn Stars To Peform In Real Life

This is a subject that I can't shake. It's something that's been driving me crazy.

Two weeks ago, a wrote an article for MUSED Magazine about a law that was passed in California that legally requires porn stars to wear condoms if they're going to be acting in adult films. You know what that means? It means that you are longer going to see porn stars perform unprotected sex on film in the state of California.

From the way it sounds, it appears to be a good thing. HIV/AIDS is still a big topic when it comes to sex. There are discoveries of new STDS like HPV for example, which an individual could get from having oral sex. The 21st century is becoming a time when we really have to take care of ourselves. As the world is evolving, we have to be prepared for these new things that are putting our well beings to the challenge. That's why I support this law in California.

There are those that obviously don't agree with me. Some production companies that make adult films are now planning on leaving the country in order to make the unprotected sex films they want to make. They feel the monthly checkups for HIV every 30 days is good enough for them.

I went over to MUSED Magazine's Twitter account when the creator asked readers the question before he publicly posted the article. The responses were split in half. The people that responded negatively said that the law shouldn't have been made. This law shouldn't be legal because it ruins their fantasy. Just because they don't want to have sex with the porn stars in the real life doesn't mean that they don't want to watch actual unprotected sex on film.

After reading the negative responses to the bill, I felt sad and disgusted. The fact that they care less about the porn star's health and more about fulfilling their sexual needs is repugnant.

I personally have no problem with the porn industry. I truthfully watch porn at least once a week. Some of my friends are friends with people who does porn. It's a part of our world that is difficult to separate. I don't watch films that has the actors having unprotected sex. I don't care if it's a fantasy. At the end of the day, these are real life people who are putting themselves at risk. It's ridiculous for the actors to risk their lives just to film something that the majority of people don't watch completely.

Let's be real everyone. When was the last time you heard that someone ejaculated after watching all the videos in one DVD?

I care about porn stars and their health. So I don't care if it's a fantasy of yours. Unprotected sex should never a fantasy for porn stars to perform in real life.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You too can WRITE!

If you are ever feeling discouraged around your writing, consider these:

Fear of Failure. Despite what you believe, fear is one of the best motivators you have. However, fear of failure can cause you to quit. Invest in the idea of your novel. Develop the mindset that you’re letting yourself down if you don’t complete your book. Put some added pressure on yourself to get your book written. You will have to use some of your free time writing extra. 
Give yourself a deadline. Deadlines don’t actually work well for me personally. Sometimes they just tend to stress me out, but I know people who swear by them. Either you have to learn to be scared of yourself and your own punishments or you may need a partner in crime who can help you stick to your deadline, a partner who will motivate you, and ride in the car with you until you reach the finish line.

Visualize your book. It’s okay to imagine what would happen if your book blew up and you were on the cover of a 1,000 magazines. Imagine you are now showing off your new book. See yourself selling a million copies.

Befriend a writer who has her first book.  Before I knew real writers, the idea of writing a novel seemed so impossible to me. The key is to write about what you know or love.You need to love your novel unconditionally if you’re going to finish the whole book. Don't get off track, do not listen to negativity, don't cheat yourself, and never let yourself down. Remember, let your haters be your motivators.
Keep on writing.:-)

Friday, February 3, 2012

GMAD Kickoffs Black History at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture during the organizations 25th Year Celebration

GMAD & Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture Presented:

An Exhibition

GMAD at 25: A History in Words and Images


L to R: Kevin Coleman, Bonnie Harrison, Reggie Shuford, George Bellinger Jr., Bishop Zachary Jones & Tokes Osubu

On Wednesday, February 1, 2012, GMAD and The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture presented a jubilee exhibition entitled GMAD at 25: A History in Words and Images. This exhibition celebrates 25 historic years of GMAD (Gay Men Of African Descent) and will be displayed until August 31, 2012 at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NY.

Photos courtesy of Alonzo Boldin Photography

With over 300 attendees, the overall theme of the evening was GMAD25 – the Evolution Continues. GMAD is working to improve quality of life within the New York City black gay community by effectively fighting the triple threat of AIDS, homophobia and racism through education, advocacy, health and wellness and social support. Tokes Osubu, GMAD Executive Director started the evenings panel discussion at the exhibition saluting GMAD's history, and announcing the re-launch of the GMAD Membership program. You can become a member of GMAD for $25 go to www.gmad.org and sign up for your card, he invited everyone to pledge and walk with Team GMAD # 2306 during the 27th Annual NY AIDS Walks on Sunday, May 20th and as a part of our Stay Connected Campaign the launch of the GMAD OUTSpoken blog coming mid-February headed up by journalist Akim Bryant.


L to R: Senator Bill Perkins, Tokes Osubu & Michael Henry Adams

The crème de la crème of the philanthropic, arts and entertainment industries were in attendance to support and honor these innovators and members of the LGBT community on this very special day. GMAD at 25: A History in Words and Images was co-curated by Dr. Kevin McGruder, former Executive Director of GMAD and current Scholar-in-Residence at the Schomburg Center; and Steven G. Fullwood, Project Director for the Black Gay & Lesbian Archive at the Schomburg Center. Senator Bill Perkins presented a proclamation to GMAD along with Michael Henry Adams. Steven G. Fullwood moderated the panel discussion which included: Kevin McGruder, Kevin Coleman, Bonnie Harrison, Reggie Shuford, George Bellinger, Jr., Bishop Zachary Jones & Tokes Osubu.


L to R: Kevin Coleman, Bonnie Harrison, George Bellinger Jr., Bishop Zachary Jones, Reggie Shuford, Tokes Osubu, Kevin McGruder & Steven G. Fullwood

Initial funding of the LGBT Initiative provided by Time Warner Inc., with additional support from M.A.C. AIDS Fund; Arcus Foundation; and Friends of the LGBT Initiative. Special Thanks to: Ann-Marie Nicholson, Editor at the Schomburg Center, Camille Evans of CME Group Inc., Richard E. Pelzer II of MEGA Personalities, Akim Bryant, Troy Longmire, Cordell Cleare, Ebony Scott & David Mayer.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Check Out MUSED Magazine!

I am so excited. I can't believe that this is happening. I have been keeping this a secret from all of ya'll. So I am very excited to be announcing this to all of ya'll. But I'm sure you guys knew about this. I was promoting it days before the launch. 

I was hired weeks ago as a daily writer for MUSED Magazine, an online men's magazine that just launched on midnight. This magazine is all about giving men a voice. Whether you're gay or straight, this magazine is for you. When I look at this magazine, it kind of reminds me of how Gloria Steinem started Ms. back in 1971. This magazine is going to change the way people think of men, and most importantly, let our voices be heard. The stories that hasn't been told regarding men, it all starts here with MUSED. 

You will see articles written by me on a daily basis in this magazine. I will be writing features about our everyday lives, and also news and entertainment stories. My journalism skills are really going to be put to the test in this. There are some tasks given to me that is going to be really challenging, but I am all for it.

I really hope you guys will add this magazine to your daily newspapers and magazines. I am so proud to be a part of this project. Also, spread the word if you can about it. This magazine is for everyone. Male and female. Click on the picture to read the articles written by me along with many other talented writers.




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