Friday, December 7, 2012

Performance Champion

Edward Munoz

Thursday, December 6, 2012


He stood about six feet tall wearing a pair of brown corduroy Levi's. The colorful dragon tattoo crawled along his left arm forming an S around his elbow. He was in the middle of his morning paper staring intensely at the pages.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him. The way his arms burst through his black fitted t-shirt showed that he was athletic. Another tattoo, this one a blue star, danced along his neck just beneath his ear. I imagined my tongue licking along the five points before sliding into his ear. He pouted his bubbly pink lips as the train jolted him from side to side. He grabbed the rail above him to balance himself. More tattoos decorated his under arm.

He was sexy and red.

Gray Fruit of the Loom underwear led me to the bulge beneath his cords. Our eyes met. His were big, bold and brown. He shifted causing the bulge to stiffen. I had to turn away. It was becoming obvious that I was looking at him. Even the woman next to him wondered why my eyes continued to dart in his direction. The red hair that covered his crown and sprouted along the side of his face was exotic. Our eyes met again, this time I smiled. I had hoped he would smile back, instead he rolled his eyes in disgust.

Red seemed like the right name for my distant crush. The red Converse sneakers were a nice touch as well. The Indian woman in front of Red began to rustle her things preparing to disembark from the train. She bumped into Red causing his paper to fall to the floor. At that moment, Red flashed me with his smile. All of this before exiting the train right behind the Indian woman.

Red was gone.




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