Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "OPENING ACT & CHASE GIVING"


It only takes ONE CLICK to Help Opening Act win in the Chase Community Giving Program!!
The top 196 charities will receive funding (a minimum of $10,000, which would fund an entire year of programming for us at a school!) and we are soooo close to being in the top 196!!
If you haven't already voted, please click here before September 19th and then click 'vote.'  That's it!  One click!
**If the voting link takes a while to load, please be patient! There are a lot of voters out there!**
PLUS: Chase Customers with a Chase online account will receive two (2) votes on  You don't have to have a Facebook account if you bank with Chase, so cast your vote today!
And once you vote, please post it on your wall & spread the word to support Opening Act's talented teens!!!  We can do this!!!
Change a life with one click.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Our favorite male model will be
celebrating his 25th birthday in
New York City for Fashion Week.
Happy Birthday Chavis!
Also be sure to check out Chavis
on the cover of my upcoming novel

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Dancer's Pride

I was hanging out by myself on the pier writing down some ideas for new projects while reading the newspaper. This particular pier in New York City is very quiet and comforting. I can walk on it and instantly feel like I’m in peace. So when I feel I need some peace and quiet, I will come to this pier and get exactly what I’m looking for.

While lying in the grass I began hearing footsteps. I looked up and there was this half naked dark skinned male strutting down the walkway side of the pier. He didn’t have a shirt on. I could see his boxers. It was quite an unexpected thing to look at when all you wanted to do was enjoy some quiet time on the beach.

He left the pier for a few minutes. I thought I was away from him forever. Then I began to hear a group of French men sitting behind me talking about a man strutting on the other walkway on the same pier. I turned around and there was the same dancer I saw before still strutting. He wasn’t the least bit tired. There was a moment when he stopped and posed in front of the couple. Then he continued his way down the walkway.

For most people, they would look at that person and say that he is making a fool out of himself. No one finds him interesting and all he’s doing is looking for attention. That’s not how I felt when I saw the dancer. I looked at him as a confident person who was going to be with him without a care in the world of what everyone thinks of him. If he wants to strut down the walkway like a shirtless model, he will do it.

Its unusual situations like this dancer that influences me to live the life I truly want to live. I never let others try and control my life neither do I let society define. I do whatever I want with my life and will continue to have pride in it.


After hitting the snooze button several times this morning, I asked myself what I was willing to do to expand myself. I couldn't quite answer that question, so I hit the button again, five times!

I had an appointment scheduled for 10am in Manhattan and it was already 9:20 in Brooklyn. In order for me to get to my appointment on time, I needed to take a car service. Normally, livery cabs swarmed the busy street but there were none in sight. Finally, after a few moments of frustration in the budding heat, I walked to the middle of the street and held out my hand. Like magic, a car appeared and raced to my rescue. It was 9:30 and I was petrified because I couldn't screw up my appointment.

I told the driver that I needed to be at my appointment by 10 and he said he would get me there sooner in his most arrogant Latin flavor. We bobbed and weaved through the Friday rush, getting me to my appointment with eight minutes to spare. I felt accomplished.

Fast forward to my leadership training course which was from 7pm until 11pm. Four hours of training and development. My commitment isn't only to myself, but I the people in my life currently and the people who will some day walk into my life. I'm committed to not allowing my circumstances to dictate how my life goes. I want to be the cause. I want to say.

Expanding myself requires me to play a bigger game. It requires me to step outside of my comfort zone and be accountable for something that will have me become a great leader.

Life is too precious to play small. I highly recommend looking at ones self on a regular basis and asking the question, how am I expanding myself. Take action to be your best self and you will be amazed at the results you achieve once you take a stand for yourself.





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