Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unprotected Sex Should Never Be A Fantasy For Porn Stars To Peform In Real Life

This is a subject that I can't shake. It's something that's been driving me crazy.

Two weeks ago, a wrote an article for MUSED Magazine about a law that was passed in California that legally requires porn stars to wear condoms if they're going to be acting in adult films. You know what that means? It means that you are longer going to see porn stars perform unprotected sex on film in the state of California.

From the way it sounds, it appears to be a good thing. HIV/AIDS is still a big topic when it comes to sex. There are discoveries of new STDS like HPV for example, which an individual could get from having oral sex. The 21st century is becoming a time when we really have to take care of ourselves. As the world is evolving, we have to be prepared for these new things that are putting our well beings to the challenge. That's why I support this law in California.

There are those that obviously don't agree with me. Some production companies that make adult films are now planning on leaving the country in order to make the unprotected sex films they want to make. They feel the monthly checkups for HIV every 30 days is good enough for them.

I went over to MUSED Magazine's Twitter account when the creator asked readers the question before he publicly posted the article. The responses were split in half. The people that responded negatively said that the law shouldn't have been made. This law shouldn't be legal because it ruins their fantasy. Just because they don't want to have sex with the porn stars in the real life doesn't mean that they don't want to watch actual unprotected sex on film.

After reading the negative responses to the bill, I felt sad and disgusted. The fact that they care less about the porn star's health and more about fulfilling their sexual needs is repugnant.

I personally have no problem with the porn industry. I truthfully watch porn at least once a week. Some of my friends are friends with people who does porn. It's a part of our world that is difficult to separate. I don't watch films that has the actors having unprotected sex. I don't care if it's a fantasy. At the end of the day, these are real life people who are putting themselves at risk. It's ridiculous for the actors to risk their lives just to film something that the majority of people don't watch completely.

Let's be real everyone. When was the last time you heard that someone ejaculated after watching all the videos in one DVD?

I care about porn stars and their health. So I don't care if it's a fantasy of yours. Unprotected sex should never a fantasy for porn stars to perform in real life.

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