Thursday, February 9, 2012

You too can WRITE!

If you are ever feeling discouraged around your writing, consider these:

Fear of Failure. Despite what you believe, fear is one of the best motivators you have. However, fear of failure can cause you to quit. Invest in the idea of your novel. Develop the mindset that you’re letting yourself down if you don’t complete your book. Put some added pressure on yourself to get your book written. You will have to use some of your free time writing extra. 
Give yourself a deadline. Deadlines don’t actually work well for me personally. Sometimes they just tend to stress me out, but I know people who swear by them. Either you have to learn to be scared of yourself and your own punishments or you may need a partner in crime who can help you stick to your deadline, a partner who will motivate you, and ride in the car with you until you reach the finish line.

Visualize your book. It’s okay to imagine what would happen if your book blew up and you were on the cover of a 1,000 magazines. Imagine you are now showing off your new book. See yourself selling a million copies.

Befriend a writer who has her first book.  Before I knew real writers, the idea of writing a novel seemed so impossible to me. The key is to write about what you know or love.You need to love your novel unconditionally if you’re going to finish the whole book. Don't get off track, do not listen to negativity, don't cheat yourself, and never let yourself down. Remember, let your haters be your motivators.
Keep on writing.:-)

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