Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "Holiday Moments with Cornelius"

HOLIDAY Hallmark Moments

with Cornelius:  Pt. 3

Friends are Love
 and Friendships are one in a dozen
very few and uncommon 
A needle in a Haystack
hard to find

Friends are Golden
and Friendships are Precious Relationships no price tag attached
Friendships are sacred unions
all faiths can agree on this

A chemistry that  just happens naturally.
Something you don't have to fight for.
It's not forced at all.
A relationship of honesty and trust. 
A communication you have that 
at times can go unspoken
because you know each other so well.
You love each other.
And Friends are Love.

I found that Friendship in you My Friend
and I'm never letting it Go.

Happy Holidays My Dearest Friend.
-Cornelius Jones Jr.

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