Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coming up NEXT WEEK

Next Tuesday, I will be on a panel talking about Body Image.  Like many people, I too have issues with my body.  I'm a slim to athletic type of guy now, however, I have had moments when I didn't like the way my body looked.  I hit the gym.  I hit the track.  I did push ups and sit ups to keep my body, as me and a friend used to say 'snatched'.  America has an obesity problem, that's no secret and well, GMHC is providing a platform for us to talk about our Bodies, openly.  If you are in New York City, you don't want to miss this conversation.  I may need to bring my body guard because I am not going to hold my tongue.

Next Friday night, the event producers from 5thGearMultimedia will be presenting Fully Loaded the Dance Edition.  This event promises to deliver a sizzling hot showcase that will allow super talented groups a chance at $1000 cash.  The Future Forward will be there talking with celebrity judges, dancers and guests of the event.  A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Children's Aid Society.  Do something energizing and meet us there!

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