Thursday, November 12, 2009

Notes from Nathan: What's Your Next Move?

t's Thursday!  I swear the weeks zip by like Superman scooping Lois Lane from villains.  We are almost half way through the month and what an amazing month it has been.  At the top of the month I was awarded Entrepreneur of the Month by Royalty Media.  I'd like to give a special shout out to Lynne & Likwuid for honoring me.  I had an opportunity to attend their monthly networking dinner, Royal Connections, and made incredible contacts.  Living in the most hyper city in the world causes an entrepreneur like myself to wonder on a daily basis what my next move will be.  I am extremely happy to be able to do what I enjoy and that is producing online content, networking, bringing amazing talent to the forefront and making a difference in the world.
I have an amazing team here at The Future Forward.  We have declared our take over in 2010.  What you are witnessing right now is a sneak peek into what we are capable of.  We constantly challenge ourselves to think outside of the box and to stay ahead of the curve.  I've always been a leader, following just isn't my thing.  I blame the gayness.  LOL.  It forces me to go against the grain because quite frankly, I am bored with the world.  Being bored with the world makes me want to create new experiences, which leads me to The Saturday Experience.   On Saturday November 28th, SVEDKA Vodka will be sponsoring our 5-week only theme party event.  People have asked me, is this another party and my answer... NO, this is NOT a party, it's an event!  When people attend events that I produce, I like to deliver something that they won't get any place else.  So join us and find out for yourself.  Please don't wait until Sunday's Facebook updates to get the 411, be a part of The Saturday Experience!

With 2010 upon us, I have to ask... what is your next move?  I coach people to achieving their goals and making those dormant dreams come true.  Log on to my coaching website: for more information.  Give the gift of coaching this holiday season.  Look for my gift certificate.

Don't go into 2010 not knowing your next move, let me coach you from goodness to greatness!

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