Sunday, October 18, 2009

Discover a Cool Blog - #6

Who is Nando?
I'm a Mexican dating blogger who was given up for adoption three hours after birth then illegally brought to the USA in a basket full of newspapers. Oh, and I also like men.

What does "NANDOISM" mean?
Nandoism is a sexy state of bliss induced by a sharp wit, excessive self-reflection and extreme sarcasm with the goal of reaching's not nirvana, it's Nandoism. (By the way, did you check out the BRILLIANT banner on the blog? It was done by creative genius Dwayne Labuschagne click here to see his portfolio)
When did you start your blog?
Officially, around June 2008 and it keeps evolving, just like I do. If you go back to early posts, you will see that the style of writing is quite different.
What's your blog's theme?
I'm not sure it really has a specific theme as much as it has a general purpose. We all date--so some would call it Nando's Dating Blog--we all go through ups and downs and my blog pretty much documents those dating disasters but I also blog about daily life issues--like fights with friends, job mishaps and other quirky happenings. And whether you're gay, straight, Latin or whatever, you can relate to my stories and hopefully, follow along as I learn life lessons.
What other things are you involved with?
I create Men's Grooming Reviews for A Girl's Gotta Spa, Gay Online Dating Vlogs for, and I'm a Dating Advice Panelist for Luv em OR Leave em. I also do Social Media Consulting for various businesses.

Why don't you post regularly?
Cause they don't make blog fiber. And I'm not a robot, I'm a guy who has feeling and feel stuff. I'm a bit lazy too. I'm 34 and single. And to my surprise I'm a cougar.
Where are you from?
I'm originally from the great town of Juarez, Mexico where they murder whores, but I was raised in Odessa, Texas where they dislike gays.
Why did you move to New York?
My friend Julie invited me to come live with her and her then boyfriend, now husband, in a beautiful Brownstone in Brooklyn. I moved to New York 2 months prior to 9/11. The three of us bonded tremendously and still have a strong connection.
Do you have enemies?
Many. In school, (elementary and Jr. High) I was the most picked-on kid. I remember the entire band at Crockett Jr. High would line up at the band hall and hit me, one at a time, as I walked over to put my instrument in its slot. But I also have a BFF named Cris, (that's Cris with no H) and she's been there for me since the 4th grade!
Would you like to kill the people who were mean to you?
No, I just accept their friend request on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, but NEVER comment on their status. (It's a silent and passive revenge)
What's your life's philosophy?
People are capable of change--so let them.
What do you want people to walk-away with after reading your blog?
That we're really all the same and our experiences prove it. And that I believe the children are our future.

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