Sunday, October 18, 2009

Batty Boy

Jamaicans like music, but hate fags
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We don't understand this.
Jamaicans have a deep-seeded hatred of homosexuals that goes way beyond the simple homophobia and rests firmly on the grounds of Schizophrenia. Jamaicans HATE homosexuals--including the ones with whom they have sex. Shit, even Jamaican homosexuals hate homosexuals.

The hatred infects every atom of the society and every cell of the citizenry. It's in the DNA. They're proud of it. It's rivaled only by the Middle East. And we just have one question: Why?
We just read an article where the Jamaican prime minister wants the Jamaican constitution amended to restrict gay rights. "I make no apology in saying decisively and emphatically that the government of Jamaica remains irrevocably opposed to the recognition, legitimization or acceptance of same-sex marriages or same-sex unions," he said, before disappearing into the forest to give dome to some random stranger with a big dick.

We're kidding about that last part, but wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we discovered that it was true. And before we get all high and mighty about Jamaican homophobia, let us not forget that America ain't exactly loving the homos, either. In fact, hatred of homosexuals is pretty much the only subject where you can get Christians, Muslims, Hindis, Jews, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, democrats, and republicans to agree.
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