Saturday, October 17, 2009

Zolra's Corner: Gay's Anatomy

What I discovered online really shocked me. I only watched the first episode of this web series, and I am already addicted to it. It's amazing on what you can find with just a little typing and one click on the search button on Google.

Aside from watching comedies and dramedies, I am a fan of medical dramas. I am not a fan of pure drama series. I know drama makes great ratings, but I like having a little bit of comedy every now and then. However, I can't say that I am against drama series since I used to watch a pure drama series and I am watching a teen drama right now. Queer as Folk and Gossip Girl are the only series on my list of all time favorite shows in the drama category. So I can't deny watching one episode every now and then.

Many people are starting to create online web series. I see alot of shows surrounding the gay community online. Drama Queenz and In The Moment were the first ones I noticed. Now I add a new one to my list. The moment I saw the first episode of this online series, two things popped up in my head
  • This is a good comedy series
  • I hope they are not making a comedy version of one of my favorite medical dramas.
There is this online series that is all over the web: Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Vimeo, and Blip. It's a comedy-drama called Gay's Anatomy.

Set in New York City, this probing series begins as three recently graduated med students compete for a spot in the city's top urology program. But what happens when your whole life revolves around the prostate? Get ready, because Mark, Marc, and Jim - plus their friends, colleagues, and an ever-expanding collection of bed mates - will bring you deep into the world of urology.

They work hard. They play harder. They touch your privates for a living. It began on June 18, and these doctors are... out. Below is the first episode. If you want more info, go to their website

If you are fans of Grey's Anatomy, don't count on this show to be the same. The ABC show is a medical drama. Gay's Anatomy is a dramedy. Be sure to watch the other episodes.

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