Monday, December 14, 2009

The Making of a King

What New York rapper is royal, empowering, majestic, and stylish? Abdul Jabbar or for us King Jabbar. This Capricorn is on a journey toward breaking into the LGBT music world as well as mainstream. I had the pleasure of sitting down talking with him about who he is and what I think he needs to do in order to get his music career on the next level.

Now a days gay celebrities are popping up everyday, in New York City alone there is a new socialite who is making a song, throwing a party, or trying to be the next big thing, however this city has only birthed a few that are mainstream gay celebrities who are creating careers that are hitting outside the 5 boroughs or the New Jersey area. What is that Maurice Jamal, XEM Van Adams, Maurice Runea, B. Scott, Bry’nt, Derrick L. Briggs, DJ Baker, or Nathan H. Williams are doing? The formula is really simple they are hot and they are promoting themselves. My entertainment Mantra has always been “If you cannot sell yourself, no one else will and this is very important to break into any industry. As for King Jabbar he is halfway there, he has the talent, style, charisma, looks, now we have to get him his crown, you cannot be royalty with out your crown.

When you talk to King Jabbar you don’t get rapper instantly, you would think that this rapper would be a neo soul artist who would meditate in the middle of central park with a tribe. He is just so spiritual and down to earth, which is why he credits Eryka Baydu as his influence. Being into numerology, astrology, oils, and keeping your aura in white light is what keeps King Jabbar grounded in his quest for stardom. King Jabbar has always wanted to be in the music business, because he loves entertainment, he briefly modeled in the past; however stopped once it took away from his relationship with others and his music. It is no surprise that he was apart of fashion, because he and Grace Jones could be best friends when it comes down to his fashion sense and his addiction to Soho (must see shopping area in NYC). With his seducing eyes, sense of style, and his attitude toward thought before expression he has several tools that will get him far.

As King Jabbar sat in a huge chair facing me, I felt like a king was looking right through me. Although I was conducting the talk, I sensed some aggressiveness within him. That’s when romance came up, I was very intrigued with how King Jabbar felt toward romance and where did that fall in his life as of now, as King Jabbar went through a list of all his goals that he has planned for the next year (an album and mix tape included) I learned that love right now was not a priority; however a supportive friend who can bring something to the table is always accepted and in doing so safer sex practices are a must. He is very passionate about our community protecting ourselves and thinking prior to your actions. When he is in a relationship though this shy Capricorn may be a little more aggressive than passive, just don’t expect for him to make the first move.

When you want to catch this up and comer you better hope to catch him shopping in Soho or a Friday night (his favorite day of the week), cause other times he is working on his passion “music”. When asked who you could compare yourself to, he responds not really anyone (they all say that), yet if you are a Busta Rymes, Andre 3000, or Shaggy Fan, this is the LGBT artist you want to get into… A king is born! Check him out and leave a comment, tell The FUTURE what you think!

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King Jabbar! Much Respect!




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