Monday, December 14, 2009

Dating Dwight First Date Recap: Bry'NT

So the hits have been very massive since my date with Hip Star Bry’Nt, please continue to leave comments and forward the video to all your friends. Thanks for all the love and support and as a special treat I thought I would post up some more pictures from our date and let you in on a few of my dating tips….

1. Show up on time! Now Bry’Nt was late, now we all know he sexy, but that does not mean you will keep a DIVO waiting. If you do show up late bring the dater a little something to let him/her know that you care. It was edited out; however I brought Bry’Nt a Christopher Street DVD, I still gave it to him, because I still got love for him even though he kept me waiting.
2. Dress to impress. A date is nothing but an interview, you are interviewing for the position in dating the other person so wear something that showcases you. If you are too sexy they may think you are too sexy for the position and this first date might just be a one nighter.

3. Engage in the conversation. Communication is a two way street, it can never be one sided. We have all been on dates where it seems like only one of you are doing the talking or you may feel like I wish this person would just shut up!

Until next time these are my dating tips for you and remember have fun, date wisely, and always play SAFE!!! Check back next week for a brand new episode of “D
ating Dwight!”

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