Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Friend Cornelius Jones Jr is KING!!!

YES, it's true my friend Cornelius Jones Jr is KING!!! Did you know he was in the Broadway production for more than 10 years and the traveled on the road and was featured in the Las Vegas production?

"The Lion King" has dethroned "The Phantom of the Opera" as Broadway's all-time box-office champion. The Disney musical, based on the popular animated movie, has grossed a total of $853.8 million since opening on Broadway in 1997.

The gross figure, which represents Broadway box-office receipts only and not worldwide revenue, was confirmed by a spokeswoman at Disney Theatrical Productions. She said the figure has not been adjusted for inflation.

"Phantom" has grossed approximately $853.1 million since opening in 1988.

The crowning of "The Lion King" as Broadway's new box-office leader comes with a caveat, however. The Disney musical has benefited from higher ticket prices than "Phantom."

Figures provided by the Broadway League show that the average ticket price for "The Lion King" was recently $155.09, compared with a recent average ticket price for "Phantom" of $98.97.

Lil Mogul is so PROUD of him!!!

I was backstage and on stage in NEW YORK CITY!!!

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Cornelius Jones Jr. said...

Thanks for writing this great article Richard. a lot of gratitude here. Lion King has been a major blessing to me..It's been a great 10 year journey having performed the show on both National Tours, Broadway, Mexico, and Las Vegas. Shout for the KING!!!!




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