Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miguel Expresses Artistic Musical Sexiness

By J9 of J9's MusicLife

Since Miguel released the video Arch & Point from Volume 2 of his Art Dealer Chic EP series, I've been obsessed!!  It just serves as another confirmation of his skill of not only expressing sexiness in his music but also complimenting it through his video interpretations.  How many videos of today can you say do that?  Most of the time you're left confused or disappointed as to how a video even relates to the vibe and content of the song.

With undeniable comparisons to Prince, I believe Miguel has picked up from where Prince left off but has also found his own style by incorporating this edgy, futuristic vibe.  In his catalog of videos, we are left with this sensual picture that is painted to convey the sexy sounds of Miguel's music, leaving our imaginations going wild. 

In Arch & Point, what first got me was the guitar riff. . . how can something so simple sound so effortlessly sexy, leaving you in a trance?  After watching the video a few more times, I then turned my attention to the visuals in the video.  Throughout the video, Miguel is seen playing the guitar at the mic, while a female dancer performs around him  You can't help but to draw your attention to her. . .the choreo is just HOT!  My fav part starts at 0:20. . . pay attention to her especially at 0:25. . . her moves goes with the beat as Miguel sings "arch your back, point your toes". . . that joint is just. . just. . .WOW!

Click here to download the Art Dealer Chic EP.




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