Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Wishes to all you pioneering Aries by Louisa J. Curtis

Bessie Smith born April 15th, 1894, Billie Holiday born April 7th, 1915, Pearl Bailey born March 29th, 1918, and Sarah Vaughan born March 27th, 1924 – all four ladies were pioneer blues singers and all four were Aries!

Bessie Smith 1894 – 1937 & Billie Holiday 1915 - 1959

Pearl Bailey 1918 – 1990 & Sarah Vaughan 1924 - 1990

All these examples of Aries are headstrong, inspirational people who are passionate about what they do. And another thing you may have noticed by now is how similar they all look? They all tend to have large heads, and in particular, prominent foreheads, typical of the hardheaded Aries. The ram butts with its head, does it not? Now I know I’ve mentioned in a previous bulletin that Aries rules over the head, so it’s no big surprise that these people like to wear hats and is why we have the custom for dressing up in our “Easter Bonnets.” The Planet Mars rules our aggressive sign of Aries, and many “Martian” professions also involve wearing hats or protective headgear of some kind, such as the Military, Police, Firemen, and Chefs, yes Chefs – this is no accident (no pun intended!) but Aries can be accident-prone as well, so be sure to read this month’s tips! In fact, I noticed how much clumsier I became as soon as we had moved in to the sign of Aries last month, and even today while I was cleaning the kitchen, I managed to break something!

Back to hats, and although the main celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee don’t take place until June, I wanted to share this timely piece I found in a “People” magazine recently. I thought it was a brilliant story of how her headgear has evolved over the past 60 years, and no, she is not an Aries herself, it was the “hats” that caught my eye! But notice also, that we are talking about her “Diamond Jubilee” and guess what Aries’ stone is – of course it’s the diamond, considered to be the hardest material on earth, a bit like Aries’ head!

A History of the Queen’s Hats from 1953 - 2012

As always we send out Birthday Wishes to all you pioneering Aries!

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