Thursday, May 3, 2012

Aren't You Tired Of Being The Caller?

I remember writing a post many months ago about making the call to your best friends. I considered it a wonderful thing to do if you want to maintain your friendship. You don't have to wait for the other person, so that things can progress. If one of you guys aren't calling each other, you have to take action to call the other person. It's time to stop waiting and take action.

But doesn't there come a time when you've done dialing?

I am one of those people who calls his friends all the time. I'm a friendaholic. I care about my friends a lot, and I want to keep our friendship strong and together forever. It's incredibly important to me. But after making the call numerous times, I'm starting to see a pattern. I call my friends and my don't friends call me. Whenever I ask them why they haven't called me back, they always respond by saying "I was waiting for you to do that."

It's like they automatically put me on this platform and are secretly calling me "The Caller", which is someone you wait for to call you. It's never vice-versa. I'm the person that they expect to dial their numbers on my cell phone and call them.

I don't know about you, but I consider it ridiculous. Why do I have to be the caller? Why don't you call me? Dial me for my love the same way I do when it comes to you. 

I love my friends, but there comes a time when I'm done calling them. I want them to start calling me instead of me being the primary dialer. Aren't you tired of the same thing?

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Kandake CimCiptivan said...

I am a friendaholic too!! woo lord so glad to meet someone who loves theirs as much as I love mine. But all mine call me cause I have nothing to do so I wait for them. I almost never have to call them. But I do know it gets frustrating when it feels like no one is thinking of you yet you are putting so much into them. But I think you have to be whole on your own and realize they have their own lives to live with or without you. Nothing makes you realize that more than when they are all romantically involved and you may not be. They will all disappear a little bit when they get married and get into relationships and move on with their loves and lives. It just takes you to not feel bad about it and realize that's life and I think folks always hold their loves over their friends in a lot of ways. I dont think its to be mean, but its love.....




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