Saturday, June 18, 2011

You Have To Make The Call To Your Friends

The one thing that I really do love about myself is that I am a friendship person. I love having a lot of friends. I actually have more friends than I had when it comes to relationships. My relationships are not even in the double digits yet. I love meeting new people that could possibly develop into a friendship. There is no limit for me. I love anyone that I can have an amazing conversation with. I will admit that there are times when it can get a little out of control. You're wondering what this person is doing because you haven't heard from them in a long time, but I do my best to keep it together.

I will admit one thing. You can't become my friend easily. Even though I have many friends they will tell you it took some time for me to fully trust them. I had that smile on my face all the time but I did not let it go that far. There are some people in this world who pretends to be a friend, and ends up hurting you in the process. So I make my friends carefully. Also, I will only be your friend unless you want me to. I know I can't please everyone. A simple confession that you don't want to be friends is enough for me.

One day, I was sitting at the computer, getting some work done as usual. I looked around my office and started to feel very lonely. I am always by myself in my office, but it really dawned on me during this particular night. I browsed on Facebook and saw some familiar faces along with old friends. I haven't heard from some in days, weeks, months, and years.

Here I am with these large groups of friends, but I was still alone at the end of the day.

I finally summed up the courage to email a couple of them, just asking how they are and what they've been doing lately. Some of them didn't respond back, which made me a little sad. However, there were a group of people that responded to my emails. They said what they were doing and they were happy that I contacted them. A few of them missed the charm that I brought into their lives and wished that they could hang out with me again.

All of those responses brought happiness into my heart. I truly missed them, but I was afraid they didn't miss me and moved on with their lives. From the way it looked, I received mixed responses. Some of them didn't respond, showing that they moved on and I've been removed from their lives. But there are some that miss me, just as much as I miss them.

I want this to be a message to everyone who reads me. We can't wait all the time for the other person to get in contact with you. Sometimes you have to send an email or dial a number to hear from them. I have a large group of friends and I wouldn't trade them for any person in the world. Even if I make new friends they will always be a part of life. I'll just have to find a way to slow down time.

So to everyone that reads this there comes a time in your life when you have to make the call. If you truly care about that person, instead of wondering how they're feeling, get in contact with them. Show them that you care. Let them hear your voice again.

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