Monday, June 20, 2011

Heaven has a New Blogger: Taylor Siluwé

My heart is filled with such sadness as I have to announce that our community has lost another member. New Jersey-based author Taylor Siluwé died Sunday afternoon at home after losing his battle to lung cancer at 43-years-old.
Siluwé was the author of several novels of erotica, such as Dancing With The Devil, A Taste for Cherries and Cheesy Porn and Other Fairytales. Siluwé also wrote short stories, essays and blogged about LGBT news, activism and gay life at

Taylor you will be missed and it was really nice to get that email from you just last week saying that you loved me brother and the words I shared with you were truly from my heart! You were a huge inspiration for the Christopher Street TV series and were on set as a background player for our pilot, which meant so much to me… I have great memories or brunch in the Village and hearing stories on how you support me even when the community was not on my side... Thank you for not judging me and being there in that time of need. It meant a lot to me.

I know you are still blogging up there in heaven… Love you!!!

Dwight Allen O'Neal

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