Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are Naked Pictures Still A Turn On?

The one thing that I still find unusual is my relationship with older people. I've made friends with a lot of older people, even though they know I don't want to be in a relationship with them. I'm the type of person that wants to grow with someone and spend a long time with them. It's somewhat of a turnoff for me when I see a 50 year old male trying to make a pass at me. But still, I maintain my friendship with them.

One day, I ran into another one of my older friends. His name is Troy. I was walking around the city, looking for a good story to write about. He was a hosting a Mardi Gras event that was being held at the Ritz Carlton hotel. He still has a crush on me, but he doesn't go ahead with it. He understands that we are better off as friends.

During our conversation, he revealed to me that he is hooking up with this 30 year old male. He admits to going through multiple sexual adventures with him. He lived out every fantasy in his head because of his buddy. Then all of a sudden, he took out his cell phone and showed me a naked picture of this man.

"Isn't he gorgeous?" he asked me.

Due to my observant self, I looked down and saw that Troy was getting very excited just by looking at a naked picture of this man. However, I looked at the picture and was instantly turned off. Here was this fine African American male with his manhood in full display, but I wasn't excited. I was actually more turned on by Troy than the picture.

I looked up and said to Troy "Is it a video?"

For me, I am more turned on by watching a video and completely turned off by a picture. After seeing all these stars with these leaked pictures coming at least once a month, it becomes somewhat tiring to see just a naked picture. I sometimes want more. Looking at a body part frozen in time doesn't work for me anymore.

After this realization about myself, I can't help but wonder. Are naked pictures still a turn on?


Kandake CimCiptivan said...

It just makes no sense. This day and age is all about self exploitation. People will do any and everything to get themselves out there. Everyone just wants to be seen seen seen. It makes no sense...Folks act like they gon die if they dont expose themselves physically in some way to the world.

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