Monday, January 23, 2012

10 Reasons to Attend Las Vegas Pride

10. It’s the newest PRIDE event to be created.
9. MOSTLY EVERYONE is a Monica fan to some extent.
8. They have a fully stocked PARTY BUS that you can ride.
7. You get your first chance to see Christopher Street: “CockTALES”
6. Zeric from Model City is the face of the 2012 Event.
5. Meet Warren Bullock AKA Baby Boy STAR of Christopher Street: “CockTALES”
4. You can GAMBLE all Night and GET FREE DRINKS!!!
3. What better way to spend your SPRING BREAK???
2. Vegas have more attractions than any other PRIDE event has to offer.
1. Whatever happens in VEGAS… Stays in VEGAS is LAW… NOT MYTH!!!

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