Monday, September 12, 2011

New Gay Series " CockTales" FAQ

CockTales explores the life of Christopher Street's Jharmey Smith, a southern transplant from Memphis, TN who as nested himself in the fabulous Upper Westside of Harlem, New York, has tried on several different hats to become the young adult that he is today. He has survived an abusive relationship, the break-up of his best friend, and the trials of finding himself in the gay mecca of the world Christopher Street. After his new discoveries, he has realized that girls run the world and decided to link up with his new BFF, Blaire Knowles, who gives you no middle line you-either love her or hate her. Jharemy and Blaire are co-managers of the hottest gay night club in New York City and they never see eye to eye on anything except both loving and sharing a good CockTale. Both adults experience their own business and relationship struggles that mold their entire New York City experience and bridge the gap between hetero-homo lifestyles.

Continuing with the story of “Christopher Street TV,” the humor of "Will and Grace", and the reality issues of “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys", the pop "dramedy", CockTales presents controversial concerns such as abortion, prostitution, sex, HIV/AIDS, relationships, crime, and alcoholism, straight up with a twist. We all have CockTales.

CockTales 7 MOST FAQ

1. How do I become a part of CockTales? Meak Productions is working in conjunction with Off The Clock Productions to select the best talent to help bring the story alive. For more details on Meak Productions check out and

2. Where is Christopher Street TV, is CockTales taking its place? CockTales is the continuation of the powerful story that Christopher Street TV shared. CockTales is showing what life is like once you began a career path and have learned from the mistakes and experiences that came with your early twenties. Characters from Christopher Street TV are still going to appear in parts of CockTales and that story will continue through the new situations that CockTales presents.

3. Why the vulgar name CockTales? When you say CockTales I am hoping that audiences are able to infer that the film is about the tales that come along with men. This story is sharing two points of views, the first being that of how it is for a gay man to deal with men and the second is of how it is for a straight woman to deal with them as well. What is so unique about the story is the men are being compared to cocktails which are the perfect analogy; because with men you usually can never get one straight up… they are usually always mixed up.

4. Where is filming taking place for CockTales? We will be producing the series in New York City. Filming will be taking place in one of the hottest nightlife spots in NYC and we will be starting in early 2012.

5. Are there sponsorship or investment opportunities available? YES!!! We are definitely seeking individuals that want to assist in bringing the story to life. We already have a distribution deal on the table which is very exciting and it makes it worth your time to be a part of this wonderful entertainment piece.

6. What is your message with CockTales? Acceptance. I want to use this film project to create allies for the LGBTQ community. I strongly feel that by showcasing the similarities in how our lives play out it will address a lot of homophobic issues that are destroying our world.

7. Where can we find out more about CockTales? Details concerning CockTales will be updated at and No official website will be launched until 2012. If you really want to be up to date on the lives of the characters that you will meet on CockTales you need to watch Christopher Street TV… order it today with TLA Releasing.

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