Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arts.Advocacy+Wellness: "New York achieves it! MARRIAGE EQUALITY"

Cornelius reflects on

Love and fairness wins the day for all New Yorkers, our families, and allies!
I remember going to Albany (in 2009) with my friend Angel to rally for Marriage Equality, Anti-Bullying in Schools, and GendaRights...meeting the many faces, advocates, activists, politicians, young&old supporting Empire State Pride Agenda...and the day has come NY Legislators approve same-sex marriage. Awesome Victory...

My journey was to support Angel, he had been with his partner for over 6 years, sharing a home in Long Island, but not able to obtain rights as other legally married couples. While, at the time, I was totally jaded and cynical to the idea of same sex marriage (mainly because I had not experienced a meaningful and mature partnership). I knew this was really important to him. I needed to support and to be educated. While in Albany, my ideals shifted. I was awakened and more educated. Everyone deserves equal rights, especially in marriage, if one chooses to go that route, regardless of how long or short the marriage lasts. While I, myself, stood more in favor for Anti-Bullying and Safe schools (having been bullied and harassed throughout elementary, middle,and high school), being in Albany opened my eyes to HUMAN RIGHTS/HUMAN NEEDS. I was also exposed to GendaRights (equal rights for my transgendered brothers and sisters). We don't know why we feel, think, or act a certain way or do have the answers to every question or adversity in life, but I feel we are ultimately individuals who aspire to live peacefully, safely, and harmoniously and we all deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully.

Oh yes, the tide has turned in the east and may this victory be infectious and effective to all states across our country, until everyone is granted the freedom to love, live, and be joyous.

....AND, Congrats Angel!!!

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