Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Power of the Queen "B" Beyonce!!!

4Ever Queen B
by Deshawn Moody

Mrs. Knowles(Carter) has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue since her beginning Diva days with one of the Best Selling All Girl groups Destiny’s Child. But lately the Press has been all over her. With all the controversy from her leaving her Dad’s Management ties to the upcoming release(leaked) album from the Queen B herself. You may have started to doubt our Down-South Maven but as always, the Queen never disappoints her true die hard Fans.

The epic “4” starts off with a Beautiful Ballad where B teaches us all little about the Arithematics of Love in the song titled “1+1”. Ne-Yo was there to lend a helping pen on this one. Next up on the Ballad train is “I Care” which quite frankly my Dear, I do. B shows us why she may still be Dangerously in Love as she belts outs notes and riffs to confess how she really feels. Not only does she give us new music styles and beats but we also get a Duo with the ATLien himself Andre 3000. The catchy bass thumping “Party” is actually the only song on the Album that is not a repeat on the Playlist. We travel back to the 80’s with the mellow tempo of “Rather Die Young”. Another favorite is “Start Over” because love should never die.

The Club banging “Countdown” will be one of the songs for the Summer. It gets the crowd bouncing all the way down to number 1 and is very Ala Destiny’s Child. The funky Brazilian bass sparking from “End of Time” makes it the number one Favorite of all time. This one pays a keen tribute to the late great King of Pop Himself. “I Was Here” goes deep into the Real life of the Queen as she soulfully expresses how she has left her footprints in the Sand of Life. “The Best Thing I Never Had” is said to be Irreplaceable Part II. This tune lets the X Factor know that it sucks to be in his Timbs right now. “Love On Top” is an Old-School feel with an All-time Classic Boy band groups. It makes you want to snap and two step all while clapping and hand swaying. Rounding out the bottom is none other than “Girls Who Run The World”. This Girl Anthem was the first release of the Album with a Premiere of a new transformed Shasha Fierce and her girl posse as they let Us all know that they are women hear them roar. Overall the new album “4” is one of the Moth’s best. Bey embarks on new territory as we are exposed to eclectic sounds and techno beats mixed with Jazz and smooth Caribbean tones. Rated Grade A, Gays Approved. LOVE IT!!

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