Thursday, June 30, 2011

C.R. Knight: I Hate Being a Sissy

Yeah I said it.  I hate being a sissy! No matter how much we sugar coat it, glamorize it, mesmerize it and fantasize it, it is still the worst.  I've grown to accept who I am, as much as I have tried time and time again to change myself to something more mainstream, but it never works. Its like fixing a leaky pipe with a band aid.  It's a temporary fix.  But at the end of the day, I am still gay!

I can't live my true self out in the open without residing in a major gay city and even then, it is limited to certain areas.  The world doesn't want homosexuals in it. While, there would be a huge missing if we weren't.  Who would do the hair and make up?  Who would decide on the latest fashion trends and fads?  Who would come up with the most creative ad campaigns and music videos?  What a great portion of the world doesn't know is that there is likely a homo making decisions that shape their world. Yet their ignorance allows them to hate.

While I embrace individuality, I hate when gay men do outrageous things drawing attention to themselves making it harder for the rest of the population to breathe easy.  Drag queens, I will never understand.  There is this hunger to dress and act like a woman, but it still gets trapped within a community of misfits who sit around heckling at their bafooned antics.  What's the point?

And then there is that fucked up STD that there is no cure for, yeah HIV that's it.  Whoever created that virus knew that they would soon infect and erradicate a good portion of the gay community.  Little did they know that two timing men, who like a bit more than the traditional vagina monologue every now and then, would dip or be dipped into an infected man and pass it along to his lady friend.  Its all fucked up.  People just don't care.

I just hate being a sissy!

Good Knight!

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