Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Do They Think About You?

I remember having a conversation an older friend of mine named Harry. Harry is an amazing person to hang out with all the time. Every time I meet him it's like looking at an older reflection of me. The kind of guy who always has a smile on his face. All you want to do is hug him because he is a teddy bear at heart. He tells you stories about his life that is bonafide hilarious. For the people that read my blog Roque's Reality, if you think I have the most unusual life in human history, then you got to meet Harry. His life is two times as funny as mine and that is what I love about him.

One day, Harry and I were sitting down in the middle of the night, getting some work done. I'm predicting it was some time before ten at night. Both of the projects we were working on happened to center around a certain individual. So we felt like we might as well hang together and get our stuff done at the same time. It was a great strategy. Besides, we also haven't seen each other in quite a while.

One of the things we were discussing was about the friends in our lives. He talked about encouragement and surrounding yourself with positive people. It's the same encouragement you have to give someone all the time. Harry knew that he didn't have to worry about me hanging around some negative influences. Even though I'm nineteen I know right from wrong tremendously.

During the conversation, I was telling him about the friends I had in my life and how I interact with them. Everyone knows me as a joyous person who comes up with a joke every now and then. Not only that, but I tell them stories about my life that are extremely surprising to them. While talking, Harry couldn't help but wonder about something.

"Let me ask you something Roque," said Harry.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I just wonder. You talk about your friends and how you are in front of them. But I can't help but wonder. What do they think about you?"

It was at that moment that I froze up. To be honest, I have never asked that kind of question to them before.

"I don't know," I responded softly. "I have never ask them that question."

We continued talking for a little while before finally getting our work done. I arrived home with that question still in my head. Never in my life have I asked a person what did they think about me as a person. The reason why is because no one has ever told me that. Honestly, I have never heard that question come out of anyone's mouth. Harry's question became a major topic.

In life, we show people the true us. We express ourselves in a way we know that is comfortable for ourselves. Then once you start showing off this personality of yours in front of your friends and random people, you begin to question them. You like yourself, but what do the people around you think about you as a person.

When it comes to life what do the people around you think about you as a person?

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