Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zolra's Corner: Baketball Players Deserve Alot of Credit

Even though I am desperately waiting on football season to come back, I will admit that I am keeping up with news surrounding the NBA season. At this rate, I should watch ESPN the same way I watch it during the NFL season. The only time I ever talk about basketball is if Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, or Dwayne Wayde (his picture is above) is in the conversation.

Then as I continued thinking about basketball, I remember watching the reality show
Basketball Wives on VH1 every Sunday night before the season finale a few months ago.

So technically, I have been staying in the basketball world, not knowing that I was living there. Crazy huh?

One thing I will say about basketball players is that I give them all the credit in the world for their gameplay. For someone to run from one side of the court to the next continuously, you must have strong legs. Also, you gotta be extremely brave to have players to make as many points than the other time.

Just Imagine

First Team: 98 points
Second Team: 97 points

One close shot is 2 points. A long distance shot is 3 points. So just imagine how much sweat, blood, and tears a team has to go through in order to make those shots.

I am a football fan for life. Even though 2009 was my first year being hooked on the sport full time, football has become an instant addiction for me. I held onto my stomach when the New Orleans Saints were seconds away from making a touchdown. I always feel dehydrated after every game due to my constant yelling at every game I see on television or go to in person. I became so addicted to it that year, I even got offered a paid job writing about them in a sports blog.

However, when it comes to basketball players, I give them the uttermost respect for going through at least 50 games. There are more games than that, but if I was going to be playing basketball professionally, 50 would be my limit.

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