Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zolra's Corner: The Addiction to Romantic Comedies

Months ago, I began to ask this question in my head. It was right after watching the romantic comedy Along Came Polly, starring Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. I have been dieing to see this movie and once I saw it, my love for romantic comedies have returned.

For me, I am not a huge person when it comes to romance. If you come by my house, there will be no Danielle Steel on the bookshelf unless the stories were completely funny. However, growing up, I have been a huge fan of comedies ranging from sitcoms like The Golden Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Nanny, Will and Grace, Two and a Half Men, and the runaway new show on TV Land Hot in Cleveland. Then there are shows like Sex and the City that is not only a comedy, but it centers around the romance. For most of us, that's considered a romantic comedy.

Once I realized I love romantic comedies, it has become a major addiction. Every time there is a movie in the theater, I automatically run to see it. The recent romantic comedies I've seen were Just Wright and Sex and the City 2. Now I got my eyes aimed at Valentine's Day right now.

Then I went to the library, looking for novels that could satisfy me. After searching through the books, I finally saw a novel that fully interested me. It was a novel called Angels by Marian Keyes. The moment I read it, I felt romantic comedies flowing through my veins. Ever since then, Marian Keyes has become one of my favorite authors.

Last year, we were both overwhelmed watching the runaway hit film Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom, the movie based on the hit series on Logo.
There are a few differences I see between Noah's Arc the tv series, and the movie. The tv show is considered a dramedy. It centered around the character's relationships and everyday life. Then there was the drama surrounding the issues around the gay and lesbian community. So when I went to see the movie, I considered it to be the same as the tv show. Then I when I saw it, I said to myself "This is a romantic comedy".

There were no issues surrounding the community at all (unless you include the problem surrounding Wade's side of the family). This was mostly about how the characters fixing their relationships, and it also centered around a wedding. If you been to a gay wedding like this in the movie, you will believe me by saying it's a romantic comedy. The press agrees too.

After watching the gay community react in their everyday life, and seeing them completely interested in these kinds of films most of the time, it got me thinking.

Do gays love romantic comedy or does every single individual on the planet want to make their life exactly like a romantic comedy.

We might never know what types of movies we love. As long as the relationship between two individuals captures us, we will hooked on it no matter what the genre is.

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