Monday, July 5, 2010

The Rising Internet Star

With now everything being on the web there is no surprise that we have online internet sensations that have become celebrities. With the new age of technology celebrities don’t even honestly need someone to specialize in public relations, they can do their own PR with twitter, facebook, and other networking sites. The inspiration for this particular post has come from all the questions I have gotten about how I became so popular without the help of mainstream media/entertainment outlets.

One thing I have learned with the internet is that you can create your own work as well; I never started working on my individual projects to get fame. I honestly started working on my projects as practice for the real opportunities that have finally arrived. Practice makes perfect is defiantly very true, how are you ready for that feature film, hosting gig, or concert if you are not use to doing any of these things for an actual audience. I also love the feedback that the audience members give is very raw and real, the internet is home of the brave, people will say whatever comes to their mind. Although a lot of the feedback is hate, some of it is actually constructive criticism that you can use to improve your craft. With all this said check out some of my favorite online sensations and see why they have become the major starts that they are:

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