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Zolra's Corner: Acknowledges and Support 11 Very Fascinating People For 2010

Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I am so happy that the new year has arrived. It's time for a change. As we continue throughout our own individual adventures, there are times when we look at other people's work, and it catches out eyes. That's how I felt throughout the year. There are a few individuals that I be inspired by every single day. And because of that, I would like to acknowledge these brilliant people for their large body of work. Let's start the countdown.

11. Alonzo Lerone

The way I stumbled upon you was very accidental. I was just done watching the 2009 BET Awards. So I suspected that videos of the awards show was going to be posted on Youtube. I was really astounded by Beyonce's performance, I wanted to see it again. Then I am browsing around the internet, and there was a picture taken from her performance. I clicked on the video, and it turned out to be one of your music reviews.

There was no judgement at all when I first noticed you. You are entertaining, funny, creative, and extremely good looking. I will continue watching your music reviews. You just keep on making informative comedy. We love you for that.

Below is one of my favorite videos from him.

10. B. Scott

B. Scott! Once again, you are becoming a major star in our eyes. Your individualism, creativity, stylish looks, entrepreneurship, and cleverness makes us want more from you. The first time I noticed you was on Youtube. Noah's Arc was becoming a major thing in the press. Then I was browsing around the site, looking for interviews from the cast. Then I saw the interview you did with Jensen Atwood.

The moment I saw that interview, I didn't get enough of you. I check your website every single day. It's been added to my daily journalism list. Every day, I go your website to see the news. Then I watch new episodes of your show. Continue with great success B. Scott. We love you very much.

9. Finding Me: Cast and Crew

Now I have to acknowledge the entire cast and crew of the hit movie "Finding Me." I loved the movie. The acting was on point. Each story was addictive. I was never bored the least. For people who have not bought the movie, where have ya'll been. Faybien's story is something that everyone can relate to. Despite our sexuality, we have difficulties finding ourselves.

The thing I like about this film is that the relationships is nationwide. I have shown this to one of my friends who is straight, and he thought he was Faybien for a quick second. The minute I heard that, it came to me. This is not just for gay people. Any person can see themselves as any of these characters. Because of that, I give the cast and crew of "Finding Me" my deepest respect and support. You know I am going to see the sequel "Finding Me: Truth."

8. Rapper Bryn't

When it comes to music, I was listening to your music nonstop. I believe your music was the first music I've ever listened to that surrounded the gay community. The moment I heard your music, your mixtapes were in my IPod five minutes later. I listened to both mixtapes 5 times each in one day.

I kept my headphones on, and listened to every lyric on each track. I didn't want to miss a single message you were sending through your music. It's raw, creative, and original. Bryn't, your music is something that we need to listen. Just know that I am a fan, and I'll be supporting and listening to you till the day I die. 100% respect. Keep on doing what you do.

7. Xem Van Adams

Xem Van Adams is one of the inspiring people I have ever seen on a computer screen. From one writer to another, I love your work. I mostly read what you say than watch your videos. But either way, I love you. The thing I love about you is that you branch out to different things surrounding the community that we all keep on talking about. Not only that, but you show us your vulnerability to things in the world.

You give us these amazing stories because you've gone through the things you talk about. That is what I love about you. Your own individual success has become a journey that I watch nonstop. I know you wouldn't be here without a large group of people that help you out everyday. Tell all of them "Congratulations."

I've got nothing but love, respect, and support for you too. And I am looking forward to watching "The Blogger" when it comes on tv. Just like you said. You're Conquering the World One Word at a Time.

This is one of my favorite videos that I probably watch three times a week.


Hands down, ADTV is one of my favorite shows right now. There is not a day that goes by when I never stop talking about the show. Derrick L. Briggs, Matthew Barrett, Ryan Drake, and J'Nara Corbin, you guys are doing a great job. I remember watching this show when it was just Derrick L. Briggs and Adam Benjamin Irby. Ever since then, I have seen it grown during each passing season.

It's become very informative surrounding the community. I love watching four different points of view. For me, I love it when I see four different perspectives of life come together to talk about the situation at hand. I grew up watching Oprah, The View, and Tyra. I loved watching sitcoms like Friends and Girlfriends. I guess that's why 4 is my favorite number. I love the realness of the show. You guys just always seem to come up with the best topics. One thing I saw while reading the comments is that people were going through a certain situation, and before you know it, an episode of your show comes on and it is talking about the situation at hand.

That's the reason why I love the show. You have my 100% support, love, and respect. And I am going getting this feeling that this is just the beginning for ADTV. Below is my favorite episode from you guys.

5. Adam Benjamin Irby

As I browse around the internet. There is not a day that goes by that I don't go check out the weblog of Adam Benjamin Irby. He has been called the "Carrie Bradshaw" in the gay community. I don't put him under that label. I call him "One of the greatest gay writers in the world." is my day-to-day site. I literally go on his website everyday. If he doesn't have any new posts, I go check out the old ones.

What I love about you is your realness. You are not afraid to tell us these amazing stories. Each story makes me feel how I feel when I read a book. I am a fan of nonfiction books. When you talk about your life, you are not afraid to say what is going on around you. You are honest, raw, and creative with it. You are an amazing writer. As you continue to update your blog, I see how you grow as the days go by. Everyone's life is like a roller coaster. We all make mistakes and learn from it. Keep on writing dude. You have my 100% love, support, and respect.

4. The Cast of Drama Queenz

This series is becoming a major hit online. As it starts airing season 2, Drama Queenz continues to entertain me nonstop with it's stories. It's funny, entertaining, and purely original. For me, I kind of hate the comparisons it get from the tv show Noah's Arc. This show is something I have never seen before. Even Noah's Arc can't touch this. Three gay friends showing the life in New York City. I have never seen a show that did that before. This show stands out on it's own. Continue great success. Dane Joseph, Kristen-Alexzander Griffith, and Troy Valjean Rucker.

3. Dwight Allen O'Neal

I cannot do this list without acknowledging my good friend Dwight Allen O' Neal. I didn't put you on this just because you are my friend. I put you on this list personally and professionally. You are one of the greatest people I have ever known. Your ideas for these different shows are so amazing. Dating Dwight, Christopher Street, and Dishing It With Dwight. I am so happy to see you grow, and you're individualism makes you shine that an forever-lighting star. My heart races every time I think about you. Friend to friend, I give you all the love I have. I am looking forward to watching more episodes of Christopher Street and the second season of Dating Dwight. I keep on watching the current episodes nonstop.

2. Nathan "Seven" Scott

Nathan, Nathan, Nathan! Sometimes I still wonder how the heck we walked into each others lives? Then I remember it like it was yesterday. We got connected when I was doing my talk show on Youtube Zolra's Corner at the time. You were doing The & Show the same time as well. I forgot who sent a message to whom first. But I so happy we met. Because of that, I have found someone I consider a mentor.

Like you said, you was born to lead. You like to lead projects. What I love about you is that you listen to everyone until every word leaves the mouth. When you are listening to ideas from three different people, you have a way of combining all three of them together and create something that we all can relate to. Now that you are doing "We Are The Media" now, I continue to watch you succeed. You have become a perfect partner and perfect friend. You listen when I'm happy. You listen to me when I cry. You even listen to be when I feel alone. I am so happy you are in my life. Now you're about to make me cry in a quick second!

1. My Future Forward Family

From the moment I started doing this, I already knew who I was going to pick as #1. Throughout the whole year, The Future Forward has become family to me. Ever since Nathan offered me to write for the site, it automatically started to feel like family. I may write for different websites and blogs now, but none of them can make me feel the way I feel about this site.

Nathan Seven Scott, Dwight Allen O' Neal, Cornelius Jones Jr.,
Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II, and Waddie J. You have no idea how much I feel about you guys. It makes me cry everytime I'm working for the site. I love each and every one of ya'll at the bottom of my heart. What each of ya'll contribute makes me proud of having good friends that loves to do what they aspire to become. Being 18 years old, I feel lucky that I have met you guys. I can't wait till I move there to New York. So that I squeeze each and every one of ya'll, and show you how much I love you guys.

2010 has arrived, and I look forward to what we are bring The Future too.


Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

Great post Zolra! You captured all of the major players in the community. Thanks for the round up and for being such an amazing part of The Future Forward. Keep up the good work!

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch The Addams Family, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.




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