Friday, April 16, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld Makes Coca-Cola Fashionable

Karl Lagerfeld is the King of Collaborations. Every brand wants to tap into his creative genius as it is a stamp of chic approval for him to endorse your product. Latest on Lagerfeld’s plate is a collaboration with Coca-Cola. They have called on him for the new Coca-Cola Light aluminum bottle which features an illustration of the designer and his signature. The box set is completely exclusive, in true Lagerfeld fashion, and the black and white color palette remind us of another iconic brand that he has become so famous for designing: Chanel. A bottle opener also comes with the set, so that all your future parties can be done in style. Definitely a collector’s item.

The Coca-Cola Karl Lagerfeld Box Set is available on pre-order at Colette. Buy yours now.

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