Friday, April 16, 2010

Vera Wang | Princess Fragrance and Zoe Kravitz

Not too long ago, had a fantastic giveaway on the site, where they gave one lucky winner, Giselle Walsh, the Vera Wang Princess perfume, with a matching coin purse by the designer. The fragrance is just like the name, regal, in the beauty of the bottle and the majestic scent that is captivating yet not at all overwhelming. The heart shaped amulet has a crown jeweled top, and we couldn’t think of a more perfect model than rock n’ roll royalty herself, Zoe Kravitz. Vera Wang was able to answer some questions for us about this fragrance, where Zoe Kravitz was her muse, and the ad campaign.

Q: Why are you re-launching the princess ad campaign?
Vera Wang (VW)
VW: Princess is such a playful and whimsical brand and we thought it was time to bring a new fresh take to the advertising. Zoe brings a great style and young sophistication that woman can relate to.

Q: Tell us about the NEW advertising.
VW: It was shot in a gorgeous setting to capture the amazing spirit and individuality of a modern dayprincess.

Q: Why did you choose Zoe for the ad?
VW: Zoe Kravitz is perfect for the new ad campaign. I love that she is a woman with many facets… she isan actress, a musician, a model and definitely a fashionista!

Q: What does the name Vera Wang Princess mean to you?
VW: It’s about something magical… an attitude and spirit within each person that is charming andbrave.

Q: When would someone wear this fragrance? How would it make them feel?
VW: Anytime day or night, Princess can make someone feel special, pretty and confident.

Q: What was your inspiration behind Princess?
VW: Princess was inspired by women who dare to pursue their own destiny, who have spirit andindividuality. A princess can be from any walk of life, it’s all about having a love of life.

Q: How important is fragrance to a woman? And what’s the role that fragrances play for people’slooks and style?
VW: Fragrance evokes memories and emotion and is truly an extension of a person’s personality.

Q: What are some of your favorite notes in the fragrance?
VW: I love fresh flowers so my fragrances tend to have floral ingredients. For Princess, I definitelywanted it to be whimsical and modern. We used fun ingredients like lady apple, dark chocolateand pink frosting.

For more information, visit
Vera Wang Princess.

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