Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Fridays - Vivienne Westwood

Riddle me this, Riddle me that,
By Deshawn Moody
Have u ever danced with the devil in the pale of the moonlight?

This season, Vivienne Westwood, the Fashion pump Diva better known for intricate high-steppers, shows us that she has a DARK side when it comes to Men’s attire. Her Spring/Summer 2010 collection pays homage to the late great Heath Ledger with edge and a little class.

A few of the looks were infused by women’s wear but with a suttle twist made it the perfect juxtaposition. With all the different variations, it makes it so much easier to be prepared for any and every occasion. Whether you’re on the way to a Spring destination or a out on the town with friends, this line is sure to be top of the list.

“If I was a rich boy, Nananananahx4,
See I’d have all the items in the line, iF I was a wealthy boyohohoy

“Clean out Vivienne Westwood in my fancy London town”

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