Monday, February 8, 2010

What'll I Do Now That I Am Single- Part 3


So now that you are dating yourself many times you may have an empty feeling on the inside, I can only assume that you don’t like something about being alone and you must find out what it is that you don’t like about it. Someone once told me that you cannot be lonely if you like the person you are alone with and I have learned that statement is very true. Many times we think that we cannot get some of the benefits that a relationship has if you are not in one and that’s the emptiness. Well I am here to argue the difference, because if you list the things that you do with a companion there are only a few things you need someone else for and I have a solution to that too. I introduce to you the friend friend, yes I said it a friend friend is not a regular friend and you all know this. It is a friend with benefits. Now you can decide what those benefits are, it could be companionship, someone to make you laugh, financial advancements, or sex you decide and trust I will not judge. Now with the friend friend keeping you busy we can work on filling this void and most likely your void is coming from insecurities that you may have within yourself.

One way to get over YOUR insecurities is to make a list of all the things that you like about YOURSELF, these things can range from goals you achieved to actual physical attributes that you have. By recognizing things that you appreciate about yourself you are gradually building your self-esteem. You can also fill this void by doing things that you enjoy; in addition you can learn or start doing new hobbies that may strike interest in you. These are all examples of things that will fill your emptiness. Look at you dating yourself and enjoying your friend friend, I am so proud of you! Happy Valentine's Day!

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Nathan "Seven" Scott said...

Well now I just need for you to tell me where I can go to meet these friend friends. Help a brotha out!




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