Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sade – “Soldier of Love” | Album Review

Artist: Sade
Album: Soldier of Love
Record Label: Sony Music
Release Date: February 8th, 2010 (WORLDWIDE)
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

The legendary Sade has returned to music after a 10-year hiatus following her multi-platinum album “Lover’s Rock”. “Soldier of Love” is the sixth studio album from the Nigerian born singer. Keeping in sync with previous recordings, Sade continues to follow her original formula for success. Unlike many artists, Sade has been able to maintain her personal creativity as well as her individuality over 3 decades. Her latest album visually stimulates the mind with harmonic instrumentals and her unwavering vocal talent. “Solder of Love” is a short, yet powerful album that is fully satisfying to any Sade fan that has been patiently waiting for her return.

The Moon And The Sky
The album starts off with a few plucks of a singing guitar in the intro track, “The Moon And The Sky.” Words cannot describe the visually satisfying harmonies projected throughout the song. The song describes holding on to a love that can never be forgotten. A solid opening track…

Soldier Of Love
One of Sade’s most creatively different tracks to date, “Soldier of Love” is a bass driven and sultry track from the songstress. Snare drums add a militant vibe to the track and the track title is perfectly descriptive of the song. Everyone fights to be in love and hope that eventually throughout all the trial and tribulations they will truly find everlasting love.

Morning Bird
Morning Bird” starts off with the haunting presence of piano keys followed by traces of Sade’s lulling voice. The lyrical content is heavily shrouded in metaphorical content. Sade speaks of the love of her life leaving and taking with him all of her being. Beautiful Ballad

Baby Father
Adding a sprinkle of Caribbean flavor “Baby Father” is an inspirational song. The joy of being a father to a child is rewarded by the amount of love you have for each other. Baby father is a bright and cheery track that breaks up the subtle vibe of the album.

Long Hard Road
Sade brings her guitar with her on the ”Long Hard Road.” Sometimes we can never see the benefits of the future, but sometimes we must understand that everything is going to be all right. Sade provides inspiration to those in need of hopefulness.

Be That Easy
How easy it is to fall in love with someone and not come down… “Be That Easy” is a song that inspired by the country genre of music. The very laid-back and reminiscent vibe give it an easy listening feel.

Bring Me Home
Lost in a mixture of emotion and trying to find your way back on the correct path. “Bring Me Home” is a song of reflection, hoping to find strength to return to what you know best.

In Another Time
Soldier of Love” provides many stories of inspiration and “In Another Time” is yet another beautiful penned song. After all the heartache of love and dealing with the talking mouths of other, one day everything will be okay and you don’t have to focus your attention on a love of the past. Saxophones and drums lace the track with a perfect setting.

Skin” starts off like the intro to a 90’s R&B album. Skin is a groovy and melodic song that talks about letting go of a love that is no more and releasing that person you love from your life and all the memories.

The Safest Place
Love being a central theme throughout “Soldier of Love” the album ends with the most appropriate track. “The Safest Place” is a soothing track that helps you to visually every word being sung. The safest place for you to protect your love is within my heart; safe behind a wall no one can break.

Sade’sSoldier of Love” album is a breath of fresh air in a room full of smoke. The album invokes a moody ambiance lulled by guitar strings, swaying saxophones, and pounding pianos. The sultry melodic voice of the young 51 year old still carries the impression of her past creations, offering shelter from the microwave popcorn sound of today’s generation. Even if Sade doesn’t release another album for another decade, we have timeless classics to keep us occupied. Aside from brilliant, “Soldier of Love” is great study music, a stress reliever, a piece of heaven, and a soulful blueprint of success. As a lover of soul music I recommend this album to people with a passion for life’s rewarding pleasures. Sade has eased our waiting spirits with another wonderful masterpiece.

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