Thursday, February 18, 2010

I LOVE NY 18 of 28 Places to Visit

Who doesn’t love bargain shopping? And, it makes so much economic sense for those among us who aren’t exactly rolling in cash. After all, if you can pick up designer clothes minus the fancy and high and mighty prices what could be better than that? However, landing your hands on lovely designer clothes isn’t so easy and, as experience will teach you, discount shopping demands a lot of skill and expertise. You have to learn how to wrestle with the crowd that pours into the outlet while hanging on to whatever booty you’ve managed to lay your hands on. Among all this madness you also need to make sure that the clothes you’ve chosen doesn’t have tears, holes or runs in them. As you can see, discount shopping isn’t child’s play!

Welcome to Century 21, located at Cortlandt St., between Church St. and Broadway. It’s known as “New York’s Best Kept Secret” but it’s hardly much of a secret now. It’s one of the best places in New York where you get the most fabulous designer clothes at absolutely throwaway prices.
There are racks and racks full of clothes and you have to dive into the mound of clothes to come up with something that appeals to you. You might find pretty much everything here appealing, but that’s a completely different point all together. And we say it again, the prices are unbelievable. You’ll find yourself rubbing your eyes and double checking the price tag on more than one occasion.

Stroll through the shop, make a dive for whatever you like and try them on, repeating the process as many times as required. It’s best to go there early, when the shop opens up and aim to be out of there before noon, when the crowd starts pouring into the shop.
The basement stocks electronics and household items and electronics. The men’s section is in the main level and ladies section is spread across two floors (for obvious reasons!).  Clothes for kids are on the second floor along with the shoes and lingerie.

The Bargains are excellent here. The prices are literally slashed and you can get Cashmere sweaters for $65.00, Tracy Reese dresses for $50, Seven for All Mankind jeans at $75.00, and Marc Jacobs’ dresses for $65.00! Can you believe that? The men’s section also has great discounts on all kinds of stuff and once you step in you feel like stocking up your wardrobe for the next couple of seasons.
So, if you don’t mind playing tug of war with a perfect stranger over a lovely Cashmere sweater, and you have no hang ups about changing in a less than private changing room, Century 21 is your kind of place.

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