Monday, February 15, 2010

I LOVE NY 15 of 28 Places to Visit

So with the celebration of my hot new series Christopher Street being released in only two weeks, I had to pay tribute to the real street Christopher Street. This street is the mother and the inspiration of our entire writing and development team.

Christopher Street is a street in the West Village neighborhood of the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is the continuation of 9th St. west of the intersection with 6th Ave. The Stonewall Inn is located on Christopher Street, and, therefore, the street and was at the center of New York's gay rights movement in the late 1970s. To this day the street serves as a symbol of gay pride.

Christopher Street is the oldest street in the West Village, as it ran along the south boundary of Admiral Sir Peter Warren's estate, which abutted the old Greenwich Road (now Greenwich Avenue) to the east and extended north to the next landing on the North River, at present-day Gansevoort Street. The street was briefly called Skinner Road after Colonel William Skinner, Sir Peter's son-in-law. The street received its current name in 1799, when the Warren land was acquired by Warren's eventual heir, Charles Christopher Amos. Charles Street remains, but Amos Street is now
10th Street.

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