Monday, February 15, 2010

What'll I Do Now That I Am Single- Part 4

They're Here!

So throughout the entire process of being single, the only relationship you are in is the one with yourself and guess what, you will not get jealous if you decide to date other people. Now by dating I am very old school with my definition, so what I mean is hanging out and getting to know an individual who may potentially become that special someone. Now one main thing I run into time and time again with my friends is where do you find a good man or woman? Now from one of my really dear friends I learned a lot, he explained to me that romance always happens when you are not looking. Now I have been hearing this for years and I thought I really had come to terms with that, so I would pretend like I wasn’t looking however I would never find anyone. Well it is apparent what the issue is there, I was still looking. So my advice to you is “STOP LOOKING!” The minute you stop doing this, potentials will start falling from the sky.

Now you may not be looking for that special someone just yet, you might want to have fun, well if that’s you go out and be free. If you are a free spirit though, you must be careful. One thing that I a have learned in the dating game is that you cannot play with other’s feelings or emotions. Many times you may not be interested in someone as much as they are interested in you, you are just having fun with them for the time being and you really don’t see any potential for this person in the way that they view you and you continue to play with their heart, that’s not right. Make sure that those that you are playing with only see this as fun as well. We will touch on this much later though, for now I am going to expose to you where you can find these people to keep YOU having fun.

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