Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Future Gay Soap Opera?

This is something that has been in my head for a very long time.

Two days ago, I watched a full one hour episode of
The Young and the Restless. I wanted to watch this phenomenon that most women, lesbians, and gay men are into. In the beginning, I really wasn't a fan of soap operas. I began asking people "How can you keep up with over a thousand episodes?"

Soap operas are daily shows. It's not like waiting next week to watch the new episode of
Law and Order. If you want to watch a new episode, wake up the next day and it's on. I remember running into a woman who is a fan of this show. This woman knew what happened in episode seven thousand to the present episode. I'm sure it will reach episode ten thousand before the next decade.

After watching this show, I immediately became addicted to it. I just became part of that group of gay men who love soap operas. This show will give me an excuse to wake up every day at 9:00 AM. It's suspenseful, romantic, comedic, the perfect ingredients for a good show. I might add another soap opera to my list, but I just want to get used to this show first.

While watching this show, I began to think about our community back on television. Right now, the only couple I see on a soap opera is Luke and Noah from As The World Turns.

Their stories are amazing, but it's time to branch out. It's been more than a year now with these two, and As The World Turns is about to be canceled in just a few months. After watching these soap operas along with characters like them, it got me thinking. There should be a future soap opera just surrounding gay characters.

Out of all the shows people are dieing to watch, the gay community contains a large percentage of it. Whenever I walk past a group of people who just watched an old episode of
Noah's Arc, Queer As Folk, and The L Word, they continue to talk about it, and even express their own ideas for new episodes. It's like a clock froze in their head and they can never forget. That's how much of a fan they are.

Which is why I suggest they should create a gay soap opera on television or online. We'll need to call Dwight Allen O' Neal (
Christopher's Street), Maurice Jamal (The Ski Trip), Patrick Ian Polk (Noah's Arc), Ron Cowen (Queer As Folk), Ilene Chaiken (The L Word), or some newcomer and make this happen. We have to show a body of work that Showtime, Logo, SoapNet, NBC, and many more to make this happen.

All these ideas just gets me thinking.

Should there be a gay soap opera?

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Fashion Blog Magazine said...

Yes The Future could be a soap too... Wouldn't that be hot!!! Keep up all the greatness you are doing babe, I so love to read your writings and thanks for ALL the LOVE!

Dwight Allen O'Neal




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