Monday, August 23, 2010

Right When I'M Pretty

When is wrong right? When some one attractive does the wrong, like Angelina Jolie? This weekend I saw Ms. Jolie’s new film Salt and she did an amazing job, it was actually one of the best action films I think I have ever watched. After the movie ended one of my friends commented on how he was so glad that she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Anniston and I could only shake my head, from hearing this so often. When I asked why I was not surprised by his response, he feels that since she is prettier that it is okay. What is wrong with our society, just because someone is attractive and famous it is okay for them to get away with something that is morally wrong?

There have been several celebrity mishaps and the funny thing about most of them is the attractive ones society just feels as though it is ok for them to do wrong. Look at the Fantasia incident, now grant it this young woman does have talent, but since she isn’t considered a natural beauty people ripped into her over having an affair with a married man. Now grant it I am not justifying what Fantasia did; however why not live for her like society lives for these other women who have stolen someone else’s husband. Another example that we cannot forget is how Mrs. Alicia Keys Beatz, stole someone’s husband, got pregnant, and now is officially his wife and America is blissfully happy for her and her husband, when his ex sits in her beauty salon bi-weekly still crying over him. When do we stop looking at people’s fame and looks and start holding them accountable for wrong? Wrong is wrong and we should judge people on their actions not their looks.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post Dwight. Keep building your brand my friend and you will see stars!




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