Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Clearing Experience

So I have never started a “New Year” off the way I started off 2010. So much has happened to me in a matter of days and I am just sitting here looking out my window wondering what can I do to grasp a hold on to my life? As the question resounds in my head I answer my own question, I am going to take control of my year and my life. As many of you know in my professional world some things have already shifted; however in my personal life for the past year and a half things have been on a rollercoaster ride.


So as you have watched “Dating Dwight” you may have noticed that my dates are not to actually make a real life love connection. My dates are to enlighten my viewers on the art of dating, give my date the chance to showcase themselves/work, and last to provide you with excellent entertainment; however off camera I have attempted this task and now it has left me dazed and confused. Have you ever liked someone so much and you don’t know why? When you write down all their traits you sit there and you are like really trying to figure out if the thing will actually work out. Once you decide that you want to take this journey of being friends to see what happens it seems like things began to become rushed and then all of a sudden out of fear one of you pump the brakes to either halt from having an accident or to just slow things down. If you have not been in the situation “aren’t you special” (high pitched squeaky voice); however many of us have. In addition to this type situation the realization that true love or what you thought to be true love separation is a tough thing to deal with. I am so excited I am in the place that I am in right now; however it took some time to get here and now that I am here I really don’t want any threats to shift me back into a not so happy place. The last heart dilemma is the one of an ex thinking you are not over them when you are and they make the confession that they want to be with someone who is fairly good friends with you; however never made the move out of fear of breaking your heart. Now that is a sweet gesture and honestly even if there was love still there I have learned you cannot force someone to love and be with you, so why stop someone else’s happiness, by doing that you are preventing your own true love from coming into your life.


So in 2010 I have decided to embark upon the journey of really getting my career to the next level. I have had many career shifts in the past and the one thing that I have learned is when the fire gets high I get really creative. As many of you know I have had a very interesting last few days on the entertainment front and many of you are waiting to see what I am going to do. Well my primary place of employment is with “The FUTURE” and I signed up to work for “The FUTURE,” not any of my co-contributors. When I was approached with the idea of a company that would bring the media to a community that I create my work for I was siked and over the past year with The FUTURE I have reached several of my goals and created some work that I am very proud of. With every job there are different things you have to deal with, different personalities that you have to adjust to, and different assignments that you may not want to work on; however if your good out weighs the bad and you believe in your company’s mission I suggest that you hang in there and give it your all. This is the year that the Dwight Allen O’Neal brand will become a household name. I celebrate 10 years in this business and I am excited for what I have already become blessed with and what is coming today and tomorrow.


As Saturday quickly approaches I reflect over all my years and I am excited about many things that have happen and I am sad by some. With life you take the good and the bad and you deal with it all. I am so happy that God has given me the gift of life and I would not trade that in for the entire world. My birthday party has turned out to be a “mega” event and many of my friends, staff, and I have put a lot of work into pulling this thing off. When I sat down with my party planner I told her that I wanted to celebrate everything that I have enjoyed in life. What we came up with were fashion, cake, men, and Hollywood. When you place all these things together what you get is cameras, stars, models, underwear, and Paparazzi. During the process of planning this event I learned that life really does reflect art, because rumors just like in tabloids flare and my response to that is “they talked about Jesus (who is perfect) so why not talk about you (who is far from perfect). I cannot wait for my birthday to actually arrive on Saturday, I made this event free because I really want to see everyone and right now I want to just celebrate life, it is a new decade and a new year.

As I open up to you all I ask is that you continue to support and uplift one another. I think so many times in our lives we tear and pull each other down. Let’s leave that bad habit in the last decade. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

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Lil Mogul Richard E. Pelzer II said...

Dwight we all have to start somewhere and it is GREAT to start with self. I see you are open and honest with yourself. Remember a open hand, mind and heart, can give and receive blessings. I truly believe wonderful things will happen. Keep up the good work. All your dreams will come true.
aka Lil Mogul




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