Saturday, January 2, 2010

GeoGrand 8

“What’s going on?!” Chakra exclaimed. He was sitting cross-legged in his room meditating and chanting, when the GeoDome’s alarm began screeching loudly.

“INTRUDER ALERT. INTRUDER ALERT,” the computerized woman’s voice said over the speaker system.

Who could have infiltrated the Dome, and how? Chakra thought as he raced to the control room of the GeoDome.

“We’re under attack!” Glitter shouted, as she was hurriedly punching commands into the control center’s computer. “I’m trying to activate the Dome’s offensive security parameters, but they’re not coming online.”

“That would be thanks to me,” a female voice from behind Chakra and Glitter cackled gleefully.

“Ohm!” they both shouted. Ohm was a member of the GeoGrands archrivals, the PolyGens, and Plasma’s younger sister. She could control the flow of electrical current thus using her power to block electricity from reaching the security protocols of the GeoDome.

Standing next to her was four more of the PolyGens: Aerial, who could control wind; Phobia, who could induce or intensify already present fears in an individual; the liquidmorph, Fluid; and the Geophysmic Raptor, with claws, leathery skin and agility to match his namesake.

“Hand over the GeoSphere, and we’ll leave you in one piece,” Raptor said, coldly.

“You know us better than that,” Glitter snapped back.

“Seriously, girl,” Raptor replied, brandishing his sharpened claws. “You’re hopelessly outnumbered. Do you really think the two of you can take all of us down?” Glitter despaired for a moment and wondered how the PolyGens knew where the GeoDome was hidden, and if it was a coincidence that they attacked when half of the team was gone, not to mention that Plasma and Soleil had not returned from their shopping excursion into the city. Her glitter dust was absolutely useless against Aerial since all Aerial would do is blow it away. She looked toward Chakra who made a pinching gesture. It didn’t go unnoticed.

“What are you doing?” Raptor demanded.

“You won’t get us or the GeoSphere,” Chakra responded defiantly.

“If you won’t give it to us willingly, maybe we can convince you through your tortured screams,” Raptor threatened lunging forward while the other PolyGens prepared to evoke their powers.

Suddenly, both Chakra and Glitter seemed to disappear as Raptor missed them entirely and crashed on to the floor.

“Where did they go?” Aerial asked.

“Find them!” Raptor shouted, and the PolyGens scrambled out of the conference room in a frenzy.

“That was close,” Glitter said to Chakra as they huddled in a small corner of the room. The two had used their powers to shrink themselves; Glitter reducing herself to her miniature fairy-like size and Chakra evoking his Vishuddha chakra which controlled his own size.

“We need to figure out a way to reactivate the security protocols,” Chakra said. We could take them down one by one, but that would take too long.”

“Let’s look for Ohm. If we can subdue her,” Glitter replied, “then the power should be restored to the security grid. Make yourself a little smaller so I can carry you, and then we can fly around and look for her.”

“Here goes,” Chakra said, as he prepared to shrink himself smaller.

Suddenly he grew enormous almost crushing Glitter, who just managed to get out of the way.

“What are you doing?!” she exclaimed in a panic.

“It’s…not…me,” Chakra said between breaths. He had grown so large and fat now he could hardly move as his body seemed to fill every space it could in the conference room.

“Oh, no,” Glitter said somberly. “She’s here. Switch.”

Switch, or the Duchess Grandiosa, was Density’s aunt and the leader of the PolyGens. It was thought that she was behind the king’s disappearance so she could seize control of the GeoGrams and the kingdom and was thus exiled from Emthira. She later formed the PolyGens to aid in her quest to find the missing GeoGrams so that she could depose Queen Eleanora and rule Emthira.

Switch had a unique talent that made her a very dangerous adversary to any Geoman. She could seize control of a Geoman’s power, and make him or her use it anyway she desired. Sometimes, depending on her particular target’s abilities, she could also make the powers have opposite effects. Speedsters would suddenly move very slowly or strongmen would get so weak, they couldn’t pick up a piece of hay much less stand on their own two feet. In this case, she took Chakra’s size changing power and made him grow to gargantuan, obese proportions.

“If you don’t tell me right now,” she began from just outside the conference room, “where the GeoSphere is, I’ll make you grow so huge Mr. Chakra that you’ll smother yourself and mush lil’ Miss GeoPhysm.”

“We…don’t…know…where it…is,” Chakra huffed, straining to speak.

“You have one second,” to tell me, Switch continued, narrowing her eyes. “One….”

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