Thursday, December 3, 2009

Notes from Nathan: New Moon

t's a new moon and with new moons come new beginnings.  I was recently told that in order to move on, I will have to let go of a few things that may be hard to release.  People can be toxic.  Oh my goodness, I learned that at a recent event that I hosted.  It made me wonder just how bitter people are and how they will do anything in their power to rain on someone else's parade.  No more! I am tired of holding up the white flag playing truce and always the peacemaker.  This is for the birds!  I'm out of here.  As 2009 packs up and closes up shop, so am I.  I need new energy.  I need more success and the only way I will achieve it is to go after it HARD CORE.  Watch out world, Nathan Seven Scott is about to run 2010!  Along with the help of some true believers in me and my gifts.  There are people who want to see me succeed, and I thank all of you from the top of my heart.  Please continue to keep watch on me and support my endeavors.  I promise you won't be disappointed about what gets delivered in 2010.

I am excited to show you this amazing video.  Full of talent, full of color, full of energy.  These are the type of young adults that I will be coaching next year and I cannot wait!

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