Thursday, December 3, 2009

C.R. Knight's Diary

Dear Diary -

I recently saw the movie PRECIOUS, the long awaited Lee Daniel's flick gone super-hyped by Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry.  Yeah that movie.  I saw it the second week with my friend Candace.  Candace is a little on the plus side right now, she is going through some emotional issues, but I digress.  I was all prepared with tissues ready to cry but I didn't shed a tear.  I so wanted to don't get me wrong but, I heard talk and abuse like that when I grew up so I guess that is why it didn't effect me.  And also, I knew it was made up.  But as we all know, art imitates life and vice versa.

A few weeks later, I decided that I wanted to read the book PUSH by Sapphire.  It was such a page turner.  Just to know that there are young women who are raped by the men in their lives.  It was astounding for me to just read those things.  A friend of mine told me that Lee Daniels is good friends with the author.  Now it all makes sense.  I love to see when black people put their minds together and make money.  BIG MONEY.

I will say this, that movie isn't going anywhere any time soon.  It will win an Oscar. Come on Oprah and Tyler know what they are doing.  This is a bit of a pissing game if you ask me or a "who's dick is bigger?" contest.  I love it!  They are going to show Hollywood on a HUGE level that black stories deserve to be told.

I was blown away when I saw this morbidly obese black girl on Oprah.  She is articulate, nothing at all what I thought.  I seriously thought that they had gone to some ghetto somewhere to pluck this delicate flower.  She is definitely going to win an Oscar now.  And I promise you she will not have that weight on for long.  With money comes a better way to eat and trainers and everything at her disposal. She would be a fool not to have some type of surgery to get that weight off.  We shall see, but I see a HUGE 2010 for Miss Gabourey Sidibe.  They are going to wisk her off to a fat farm and we will no longer recognize the soon to be Oscar winner.

Well Diary, I must say good bye for now.  I can't wait until our next meeting.

C.R. Knight

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