Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zolra's Corner: Dominating Our Resources Will Lead To Other Opportunities

This is strictly my opinion. I don't know if anyone agrees with me or not. What I've noticed throughout my years is alot of things surrounding the LGBT community. I love the fact that we are doing everything we can to put ourselves on the screen, and getting rid of this images that the media has of us. If you've seen films like The Salon and Nora's Hair Salon, you know what gay characters I'm talking about.

Growing up, I've seen some changes. On networks like Logo and definitely Showtime, we've seen a lot of shows that brought some interesting characters. The shows that made a great impact on television is Queer As Folk, The L Word, and Noah's Arc.

These were amazing shows, and I am proud of their success on television. Through the years, I have seen films and tv series progress rapidly. The day I saw Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom became a box office success, the doors have opened because we wouldn't stop knocking. Better yet, we didn't have to knock. We ripped that door down and tackled the media down in the street. We are still doing our best to bring great films, television shows, and even talk shows.

But here is my theory on the whole thing. I believe that we have a few resources that we can use in order to do it. It's something that I thought about when I saw my role model Tyler Perry do it.

When he started making movies, Hollywood wasn't calling him. In the beginning, they were against Tyler's messages. They said either he makes the types of movies they recommended, or he can walk away and be unsuccessful in cinema. Tyler walked away and built us own empire using the resources he had. He formed a long lasting deal with Lionsgate, and his films have been grossing close to $400 million dollars. Because of this success, Hollywood now calls him.

This makes me believe that we need to do our best with the resources that we have. If we can accomplish that, then they will be calling us. Because they now realize that this is an opportunity that they can't walk away from. One of the best resources we have is the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype, and many more have made it very useful for us

If we want a television show, let's create it and put it on Youtube. Of course, making money online is a necessity. But if we can promote the heck out of it, we will be very proud. Take my friend Nathan "Seven" Scott. The first time we met each other was when we were doing our own talk shows. I was doing "Zolra's Corner" and he was doing "The & Show". Since then, I have watched him move on and become a better person. He went from"The & Show" to other tv shows he created, to the current show "We Are The Media". I check the show everyday. It is getting so many high views.

One more thing I want to view on television series and movies. I see we are doing our best. We are premiering these new movies to film festivals every year. We have tv shows that have gay characters as the main parts of the show. But there are still some of us that have amazing ideas that would be great to have up there too. My thing is to use what we have, which is the internet. The one show I was happy to watch on a daily basis online was Drama Queenz.

For shows like this, we need to promote the heck out of it to make sure it continues. Once we have this successful show online, we can premiere it in festivals and larger theatres.  When sponsors see how successful we are online (if the first episode gets like 1,000,000 views), then we can show that we have a success on our hands. Before you know it, someone like Patrick Ian Polk or Maurice Jamal would like to be a part of it.

As for movies, do the same thing. Keep on promoting the heck out of it. You will see great results in the end. That's what happened to Noah's Arc. After watching it at a festival, Logo knew they had a hit on their hands. Then it became a tv show. For movies, I think we should try the DVD business. It's a theory I thought of after watching Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen grow their business when they were kids.

When they were kids, business executives predicted the business after watching how one of their first films was more successful when it was released on DVD. So they started working on straight to DVD films, and it grossed over $100 million worldwide. It's all about predicting the business. Finding Me did that.

I consider this one of the best promotions I've ever seen. The team used Youtube to release trailers and sneak peaks of the movie. The cast and crew went to events to promote the film. This led to blogs talking about it so much, more people wanted to find out more about it.

Once the film came out, it was an instant success. And the reason why it became a success is because they predicted the business and used the resources they had.

We keep on wondering how we are going to do things like this. My only answer for that is "The resources you need are right in front of you."
And it's because of these resources that make us a force that can't be stopped. Comment if you agree with me on this.

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