Saturday, November 7, 2009

Your (Literary) Entree!

I made myself quite busy,
Preparing your literary delicacy
I had purchased the choicest noun cutlets,
tossed up a mean verb salad,
and braised the adjective slices to the peak of their quiescent flavor.

Hurrying to get the alliteration soup just right,
I threw the onomatopoeia chips together with the pronoun fritters.
Then I whipped up some metaphor stew to balance the meal out,
garnishing it with oxymoron tails and double-entendre sauce.

After all this cutting, and chopping, and brioling and frying,
After all this steaming and basting and simmering,
(No potboilers for me...this was going to be a gourmet banquet)
I finally emerged from my keyboard kitchen with my piece de resistance...

My story, cooked up just for you!


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