Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Move

On the move today. Decided over the weekend to give my post a bit more structure. Let's see how this pans out.

FITNESS: I did 10 laps on my bike around the field. 50 Push Ups. 50 Sit Ups. 50 Bench Presses. 50 Arm Presses, whatever those are. Afterwards I came home and had an IT WORKS Green drink along with Trader Joes Yogurt and water.

FINANCIAL GROWTH: On Saturday, I had an awesome call with my team leader George, Barby from London and Anthony who's under me. Tara led the call and empowered us to reach beyond our limits this week.

FUN: Online chats with K.D. Lewis about our venture The Neubeez. I sent him a script and he returned an incredible storyboard. The Universe is smiling on me. This next venture is going to get us on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I'm committed!

That's all for today folks!





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