Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Smile For The Aspiring Actress

Yesterday, I was walking towards Bryant Park to get to the Mid-Manhattan Library in order to get some work done. It was a day full of meetings and bookings. Going to this library was a time when I could finally have some time for myself before I return to my rock 'n' roll world. I love being a fun person, but there are moments when I need some alone time. This party monster right here needs his pizza, sweet tea, and a chair before he gets back out there again.

Three blocks away, my focus was interrupted by a female talking loudly on her phone behind me. I was doing my best to ignore her, but the constant loud outbursts made it hard for me to ignore this female. I got a little nosy and began listening to her phone conversation. I had enough time to waste listening to this female going through her moment on the phone.

Listening carefully to her, I began to realize that she was an aspiring actress who just found out she got the part in an upcoming sitcom. She got so excited she called her best friend, which was the person she was on the phone with at that moment. Her best friend was the first person she wanted to call after she got off the phone with the casting director.

She was expressing to her friend how she got the job and how she was going to continue working on building a relationship with the casting director. That way, it will possibly lead to more work in television at the moment. She wants to do films and theater as well, but she is gearing towards television mostly.

She eventually ended her phone conversation and skipped into Bryant Park to resume her life as an actress on the ride.

As I saw her dance away into the park, I couldn't help but to smile for her. I was so excited that she got news that she was given the chance to do what she wants to do, especially in New York City where you're facing tons of competition in the acting field. That fact alone made me think of how much she had to work for that role in the upcoming sitcom.

Looking at her made me think of myself. I have a smile on my face because I'm finally here. I'm in New York City following my dreams of becoming a successful, critically acclaimed writer, blogger, and journalist. I've thought about this dream for a long time. Now that I'm here and I'm actually doing it at twenty years old. There's no feeling like it.

So I'm happy for that actress because it reminds me of why I'm here and why I'm always smiling. I hope everyone else is smiling for that actress and themselves. If you're living the life you want to live then I know you're smiling.

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