Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Socialite Stories- Fashion For Autism: Manhattan Riviera Beach Soiree

This whole entire event was one surprise after the next. From the time my good friend and mentor Nathan Seven Scott asked me to come to this event, and write a socialite article about it, I was nervous. I had to pull myself together while walking to the event. Through Nathan’s eyes, I could’ve been breathing like a man who had five minutes worth of oxygen left in his system. That and the fact I was experiencing the male version of hot flashes. It was quite an experience on the way to the event.

After all, I was nervous about meeting a few stars that were attending the event: Host Vivica A. Fox, Ryan Nickulas from The A-List: New York, Adrienne Bailon, to name a few.

Once I arrived everything just kind of fell into place.

I attended the show Fashion For Austism at the Manhattan Riviera Beach Soiree in Harlem. It was hosted by Vivica A. Fox. D’Angelo was showing off his fashion line, world-class celebrities were attending, and live performances were going to take place. All of this for a good cause. I arrived at the resort and felt like I was transported from New York to a private villa in Hawaii. Nathan D'Angelo posed together. It was like looking at an old reunion.

Nathan and I arrived there and went straight to socializing and meeting familiar to new faces. The first thing that caught my eye were the models going through rehearsals on the runway. It was a short lived couple of mental seconds with the models due to Nathan calling my name surreptitiously.

In the midst of it everything, we met Sebastian and Corey. These two, I have to say, entertained me the entire night. From Corey’s free spirited mind to Sebastian’s interest in trying to understand my personality, it was entirely funny. We hung out like four socialites enjoying each other’s company.

While Nathan, Corey, and Sebastian were conversing like old college buddies, I hit up the green carpet to pose for a few photos, and telling people that I was writing a socialite article about being here at this event. Not only that, but I was meeting new people as well. Nathan and Sebastian had their fun posing with the gorgeous female model that was working the green carpet too.

One such memorable crew was a trio that hit the green carpet before I did. We got acquainted at the bar before the festivities began. Of course, I had Sprites while the others were drinking. One amazing person I met was Eric Santiago. He’s a Grammy Award winning fashion stylist who diversity shows from his personality to his wardrobe. Another one was Shane Jackson (on the right). He’s a model with this unique charm that was hard to resist. I called him the cool one. The third one was kind of silent. He didn’t really talk much. Still, hanging out and conversing with them was one of the most memorable times.

I also met a female model named Tamera. After making each other laugh about our career and our hair, we began talking about possibly working together on writing another socialite article set in the modeling industry. That’s something I’m really looking forward too. Plus, it would be awesome to see Tamera again.

Actress Saycon Sengbloh was also at the event. I got the chance to take a picture with her and to talk to her briefly about being at the event and her upcoming projects. In response to attending the event, she said “It’s great being here. I love everything from this soiree to the setting, the people, and the cause. It’s amazing.” I agree with her 100%.

After mingling for a while, the fashion show began. Nathan, Corey, Sebastian, and I were seated in the second row. I sat there and watched the models strut their stuff. I loved the beach, casual style in each design. In my opinion, they were a way of saying to people “I know its summer, but you can still look like you’re visiting the Hamptons.” There were some clothes that the male models were wearing that I wanted to try on myself. But I do have my doubts. After all, when was the last time you heard a designer design clothes for men that were extra small in body figure?

Overall, D’Angelo’s show was great. Although, I did get distracted by the fact that Corey got so drunk, he accidentally spilled his drink all over Sebastian’s suit. I don’t know how Sebastian got it off, but he came back looking fresh.


We went out for dinner afterwards, chopping down on salad and chicken lollipops. Nathan and Sebastian decided to take more photos of them with the male models while the food was on the way. It was a great end to a great night. Although Vivica A. Fox didn’t show up, we still had fun together. If my twenty-first birthday wasn’t two months away, I would’ve toasted with my three friends at the dinner table.

Still, it was an awesome night being a socialite.


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This looked like a very fun and positive place to be. Kudos to you guys for supporting in a big way.

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